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The club for the amazing charchters from Seirei no Moribito - Balsa.

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09-14-14, 11:09 PM

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whitewind21 | 09-04-11, 1:59 PM
Balsa is so cool :)

grakara | 03-21-10, 12:52 PM
Hey everyone i just joined this FC,
The reason whi i joined this FC is because Blasa is really a character out a 1000. =D

Hope to enjoy my time here

deathsdancer | 11-30-09, 3:51 PM
Ah! Sword of the Stranger is amazing too! I'm in a debate with a friend of mine who thinks he didn't die in the end. He did, right? He was bleeding badly and the "galloping off into the sunset" was very cowboy death-ish. Plus the boy's crying. My friend claims I'm morbid and pessimistic and only seeing a lovely tragic end. What did you think?

mellytan | 11-25-09, 4:25 PM
I know, right? Moribito is free from so many of the anime tropes that are bogging down the medium. Balsa really is an anomaly of an anime character. It's sad how rare a character like her is, not just in anime, but in storytelling mediums in general. :/ Moribito also has some of the very best action scenes I've ever seen in an anime--quick and brutal and breathtaking. I think Sword of the Stranger is one of the only other anime I've seen with such action.

Roncha | 11-25-09, 9:20 AM
Yeah, Balsa is really one of the best female main characters in an action anime ever. Seirei is a great anime, it really has everything you want in an anime.

deathsdancer | 11-25-09, 8:27 AM
I think Seirei is one of the best animes to use for first time anime viewers to get them hooked when they are unsure because of the misconceptions of anime in society. No ecchiness, no excessive gore, amazing fights, good plot and characters, and one of the only strong kick-butt female characters in all of anime (which is especially important when trying to get other girls to watch).

Roncha | 11-25-09, 5:27 AM
Hey friends, what's up? :D

mellytan | 11-25-09, 2:39 AM

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