That Unexpected Yuri Kiss

A club dedicated to:

- Those unexpected, and wished upon, yuri moments in our favorite non-yuri and non-shōujo-ai anime.
- Our favorite anime that have yuri and shōujo-ai content but are not yuri or shōujo-ai themed.
- Those bi-sexual or lesbian girls in our anime.
- Those bi-sexual or lesbian girls in our anime who stand in the background desiring one or more of the other female characters from the show.

If you know of any anime or manga that have yuri and shōujo-ai content but are not yuri or shōujo-ai themed that I don't have listed let me know.

If anyone has any ideas for the club then by all means let me know. Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to make signatures and a banner that would be great too.

Yuri Lovers ARE Always Welcome Here.
Lesbians, tomboys, bi-chicks, bi-curious chicks, and perverts are are welcome, too.

"Yuri also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls Love (, gāruzu rabu?), is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can focus either on the sexual or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter sometimes being called shōjo-ai by western fans.

The themes yuri deals with have their roots in the Japanese lesbian literature of early twentieth century, with pieces such as Yaneura no Nishojo by Nobuko Yoshiya. Nevertheless, it is not until the 1970s that lesbian-themed works began to appear in manga, by the hand of artists such as Ryoko Yamagishi and Riyoko Ikeda. " --


Featured Unexpected Yuri Kiss:

Chikane and Himeko of Kannazuki no Miko/b])



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Club Discussion
Sticky: Post your favorite (nonhentai) yuri clips, pics, or fanart from anime or manga here:
7 replies by vokisa »»
02-24-15, 3:01 PM
Poll: If you are interested in club cards let us know:
17 replies by LincolnsLuck »»
02-22-15, 12:02 PM
Hey girls: which anime girl do you secretly desire?
28 replies by vokisa »»
02-21-15, 11:34 AM
What girl/girl couple do you secretly wish for?
10 replies by Nao-stani »»
03-29-11, 11:36 PM
What couple would you like to see on your club card?
36 replies by rusette »»
09-28-10, 2:31 AM

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Club Comments
LincolnsLuck | 03-26-15, 2:30 PM
Hey GoodKid15. Welcome to the club!

vokisa | 03-26-15, 8:47 AM
Welcome, welcome!

GoodKid15 | 03-26-15, 3:37 AM
Hello ..
New yuri fan from Iraq !!

vokisa | 02-28-15, 12:21 PM
:) It's one of my favorite anime. Super cute and the yuri vibes are real. Lol.

LincolnsLuck | 02-27-15, 3:34 PM
didn't mind locodol at all

LincolnsLuck | 02-26-15, 5:50 PM
Enjoyed the clips. starting it now

vokisa | 02-26-15, 1:11 PM
A couple of my favorite moments from Locodol:

LincolnsLuck | 02-24-15, 1:36 PM
will give it a try

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Created: Nov 19, 2008

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viper911 (Admin)

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