Claim an Anime Otaku -Hiatus-


Title says it all ^_^

By the way, let me quote Wikipedia :

Club Rules :

- You must have 300 posts to be able to claim.
- You must be a club member in order to claim.
- One claim per members, two per admins.

Claiming Rules :

- You may claim any anime character as long as you have the proof he really is an otaku.
- Check out the claimed list before claiming
- You can't claim an already claimed character.
- You can switch your claim, but not more than once. Think carefully before chosing :)

As for banners...

- "Otaku" must be visible somewhere on it, like "claim an anime otaku", "claimed otaku", "otaku claim", etc...
- You must provide a picture if you're requesting a banner to be made for you, or else your claim won't be validated.
- No size restriction.
- Don't forget to post your banner in this topic once you finished it.

That's all folks!

Claims are closed.

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Club Discussion
Sticky: Finished Banners ( 1 2 )
29 replies by Seme »»
12-15-09, 2:11 PM
Sticky: Claim your otaku here *Open* ( 1 2 3 )
46 replies by Seme »»
12-13-09, 4:27 AM
Reserve your claim here ~CLOSED~
16 replies by Zpitfire »»
07-06-09, 5:48 AM
Switch/Drop your claim here
1 replies by tsuD »»
11-29-08, 3:57 AM
Sticky: Banners to do list (for admins)
10 replies by tsuD »»
11-19-08, 10:37 AM

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Club Comments
anime_person | 08-10-09, 2:47 PM
i don't get it!! XD

Zpitfire | 07-04-09, 2:44 PM
im active on everyday : 3 and i have a char i waant to "claim" as u say 8D

Zpitfire | 07-04-09, 2:43 PM
should u just say an anime character who is an otaku? o-o

angel_hearted | 03-04-09, 1:16 AM changed..!!!
..ayumi_0015 to angel_hearted...^-^...

Kyonzi | 11-29-08, 8:46 PM
I wish I could participate but, I haven't been too active on here so i'm going to get more active. It is a shame though...

tsuD | 11-28-08, 4:40 AM
Hmm, I haven't seen Shugo Chara tbh but nothing on her MAL page nor on wikipedia tends to give any hint of her being obsessed /:

Do you have some better proofs? Because just liking something, even if it's alot doesn't always make one an otaku. It must reflects on one's behaviour or lifestyle or whatnot :)

azncrisis | 11-28-08, 2:44 AM
Would Hinamori Amu count? I'm wondering because she seems to like Utau's CD's and stuff like that. :/

azncrisis | 11-28-08, 2:29 AM
Okay, thanks! ^_^

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