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Loli clones are usually devoid of humanity when you first meet them but eventually turn out to be lovable characters more so than their DNA source/human counterparts. It's their struggle to achieve humanity which makes them interesting, moe and unique. Sometimes they are treated cruelly by the people responsible for their existence since they are regarded as dolls, lab rats or poor copies of their original counterparts.

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Add more loli clones to character relations
20 replies by Merril »»
06-12-09, 10:01 PM
Zange-chan (Kannagi)
11 replies by Zanga »»
12-07-08, 1:06 PM
Ummm can we only put loli clones in here? If so...
2 replies by MSLNSS-Fate »»
11-23-08, 3:05 AM

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Hilarious for such a specific club; amazing because I do love every loli clone I see.

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welcome ZinnKid and thanks for adding hikaru shiina to our characters

TheUnknownMerc | 01-08-09, 5:05 PM
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Hi merc-chii~ ^^

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