Shrine of Green Haired Babes/Girls in Anime & Manga


Green hair sucks!?
In the real life ->
Yeah mostly.
In Anime and Manga -> hell, no!

This is a club for the people thinking that Green-Haird Babes/Girls are made of win and Awesomeness!

In Japan Green Haired often stands for fortune(good and bad), envy, harmony, life, vigor and tranquility.

Green Haired Babes of Anime & Manga

The titel is stolen from the Red Haired Babes of Anime and Manga Club. If anyone knows a better one tell me.

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Loli free anyone?
1 replies by Arctic »»
08-27-14, 5:24 AM
Favorite green haired character? ( 1 2 )
60 replies by Arctic »»
08-27-14, 5:23 AM
Green Haired Babes Animated Avatars.
3 replies by Shogunthc »»
05-11-12, 2:21 PM
Poll: Who is more Kawaii?
23 replies by Braginski-Ivan »»
09-22-11, 4:47 PM
Does anyone know who this character is?
0 replies by alittledarkness »»
11-01-10, 10:09 PM

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Club Comments
Krunchy | 12-29-14, 1:04 AM
Acura Akari won this season <3

Krunchy | 07-23-13, 11:39 PM
<looks around> Hello, anybody here?

MoonlitKaitou | 07-02-12, 11:20 AM
I'm pretty sure this club is dead, but...

Zessica Wong from Aquarion Evol is a great green-haired character :D -

DeviantMugen | 05-03-12, 6:58 PM
@Todd_Jensen: Whoa, whoa, not only does she have green hair, but it's short as well? Sign me up...

PotatoFrenzy | 03-09-12, 1:32 PM
Green is for Spring :D

Arcuied | 10-07-11, 7:53 AM
i agree totaly there.kind of wierd id say but i would agree.

null_user | 10-07-11, 12:12 AM
In my opinion, this club is much more impressive than the "other one" *cough*redhair*cough*.

Besides, green is so much better looking (In fiction anyway)

Todd_ | 09-29-11, 11:56 AM
You should definitely add Aiko from Baka and Test. She's so sexy and cute. And stress sexy.

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