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This club is only for fushigi yugi/ mysterious play fan. Let us know which character do u like the most in fushigi yugi/mysterious play. Reccommend some other anime that was wrote by yuu watase and other anime that you feel its kinda like fushigi yugi.

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Poll: The Suzaku Group..!!!
7 replies by pa-kun »»
09-30-08, 11:56 PM
Poll: The Maiden Of Suzaku And Seiryu...!!!
1 replies by Lirael »»
01-06-08, 5:44 AM
The Maiden Of Suzaku And Seiryu...!!!
1 replies by yokokurama91 »»
10-11-07, 5:23 AM

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Kitty_Naruto | 01-06-08, 12:14 PM
oh... but I don't live in the U.K, one of my friends told me it would come out in this month...dang. I hate how it's always a cliff hanger

Lirael | 01-06-08, 5:39 AM
I'm currently reading Genbu Kaiden! I'm on book 3... In fact, I was about to start it. *wonders where she put it* The next volume (6 right?) comes out in the U.K. on the 7th of April this year according to

Kitty_Naruto | 01-04-08, 1:33 PM
Have any of you read Fushigi Yugui Gendo Kaiden? And if you have do you know when the next volume is coming out.

yokokurama91 | 10-25-07, 8:14 AM
the manga and the anime was diff... i read only about 2 volume+ but i watch every episode of the anime...

chartzan | 10-19-07, 2:00 AM
u~ yay another fushigi yuugi club~
my fav is nuriko *__*
i read it O: (the manga is better~ XP)

yokokurama91 | 10-10-07, 8:28 AM
did u watch ayashi no ceres, another of yuu watase series?/ its kinda gd.
btw, my fav chac in fushigi yugi was tasuki.
my fav chac in fushigi yugi genbu kaiden was uruki.

TehLily | 10-02-07, 11:05 PM
my favorite character is Chichiri "No da!!" I love it when characters say things repeatedly, it's funny.
And I would reccommend Alice 19th, another Yuu Watase series. The are style is similar, and it's also full of characters trying to help a "lost soul" and to bring her back from her hatred, a circle of many protecting two, though Alice is the most important.

yokokurama91 | 09-14-07, 10:45 PM
feel free 2 join this club if u are a fan of fushigi yugi...

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