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Manga recommendation (MR)
0 replies by strange »»
12-20-14, 10:33 PM
Anime Recommendation (AR)
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12-20-14, 10:26 PM
only for admines
9 replies by Pretty-chan »»
08-15-10, 10:31 PM
12 replies by Pretty-chan »»
07-10-10, 8:45 AM
Poll: membership cards
8 replies by strange »»
06-05-10, 4:14 AM

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Club Comments
strange | 12-28-14, 6:19 PM
true true plus i dont want to change the future witch happens in most stories that time travel are in

Maho-shonen | 12-28-14, 10:30 AM
Meh, time turning back generally sucks because in most stories I read the people involved fail to realize how much those times sucked at that time heh heh.

Thank you.

strange | 12-28-14, 4:16 AM
well it can be interesting sometimes but also boring to the joys of getting older i guess. and yer sadly i graduated 4 long years ago i miss school so much i wish there was a way to turn back time.
i glad u and yuzuy-chan had a good Christmas.

Maho-shonen | 12-27-14, 1:31 AM
You always seemed to lead an interesting one to me. I assuem by now you have graduated from Highschool and moved onot to somehting diffrent.

It was okay, Chrstams for Yuzuyu-chan and I consist fo goign to my grandmother's to eat Christmas dinner with her. So we spend the night on Christmans eve and have a merry time pretty much.

strange | 12-26-14, 10:04 PM
yep not that interesting of a life i live but how was your christmas anyways

Maho-shonen | 12-26-14, 12:50 AM
Haha, I see.

Merry Christams to you too.

strange | 12-25-14, 6:32 PM
yer good nothing really new on my end

oh merry christmas by the way

Maho-shonen | 12-23-14, 9:45 PM
So how have you been?

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