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Age: 15, 25 (future self)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: April 24
Nationality: Japanese
Known relatives: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (father)
School: Namimori Junior High
Grade: 1st year, 2nd year (later in the series)
Vongola Ring: Ring of Rain

Addressed as 'Yamamoto' by almost everyone in the series, this baseballer-turned-mafia has a warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling. He is, however, very naive to the point of believing that Reborn's weapons are advanced kid's toys and that the mafia business is one big game.

Despite his easygoing personality, Yamamoto has shown that he has hidden talent as an assassin. His fast reflexes and strong body from sport gives him a natural advantage. Yamamoto also has the ability to learn extremely rapidly, committing to memory all 8 forms of the Shigure Souen Style despite being shown only once. He also manages to develop a new form of the style in a life or death situation.

Takeshi uses a bat that Reborn gives him. The bat turns into a katana when swung faster than 300km/h, though he initially did not have much skill in using it. He later receives a kendo blade from is father that becomes a sword when using the Shigure Souen Style. He has a box of a swallow capable of making heavy rain and attacking opponents.[citation needed] He also borrowed an attack of Squalo's called Attacco Di Squalo(Shark Attack) which when hit by his blade causes a moment of Paralysis because it is fused with his Rain Tranquility flame.


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10-05-13, 9:44 AM
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OtakuMadness | 08-18-13, 7:29 AM
Please affiliate? :'3 Seiyuu FC~!

leehann_el | 07-08-13, 6:06 AM
I've read this manga already, and Yama kun is my fav char. ><
So glad to find this club. But I the last update was in 2012. Was this club stopped? So sad :( Yama kun ahhh

little_csilla | 08-21-12, 11:50 PM
Would you like to affiliate with us ?? ~~~


Kyo- | 04-24-12, 10:04 AM
Otanjoubi omedetou, Yama-chan <3<3<3

Ninetailsrox | 08-02-11, 4:06 PM
Yamamoto *A* <33333

ainthemix | 07-15-11, 5:09 PM
Okay, it's time for me to get active, right?

I shall make new Layout soon. And I hope member cards will follow. :)

AoiAnimeL0v3r | 02-25-11, 2:06 AM
I really love this club esp. Yamamoto :)

TanRan | 02-11-11, 7:28 AM
He was so cool in chap.325!

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