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**** I need to make a description don't I? I should probably make a description so people will join this club, but I can't think of anything. Maybe I'll do it later? Maybe tomorrow? I imagine I'll end up finishing this procrastinating for something else.

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01-03-11, 12:48 PM

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Yammin | 06-16-10, 6:56 AM
I revised the entire two year maths syllabus in a day and a half and we were supposed to start revising it 6 months before.

@Mandralyne: LOL, at least you got it done. Just laugh at the suckers who actually spent 2 months on it...

mandralyne | 06-07-10, 9:08 AM
I started a research paper an entire research paper 8 hours before it was due, and finished it 4 hours before it was due.
I procrastinated 2 months before getting down to it.

Memerulesworld | 03-27-10, 12:07 PM
just for the fun of it, i book marked this club then joined a week later : )

Raidanzoup | 11-11-09, 2:13 PM
I just finished some homework that was is due in one hour from now, eventhough I've had weeks to do it, I started on it a couple of hours ago. Man, I'm sleepy, but I can deal.


This exact same thing.

MichaelMCP | 08-10-09, 1:36 PM
I finally got around to bumping this club.

SteamPunk4Me | 03-27-09, 11:48 AM
LOL:D what a coo- ----. I'll fill in the blanks later.

svenningen | 03-22-09, 12:30 PM
im gonna start a topic..just not right now..maybe tomorrow

animeshowdown | 03-22-09, 12:10 PM
great club, really great :|

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