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This club is for all fans of loli, intended as a gathering place for fans of innocent moe lolis, loli hentai, and everything in between.

The Loli Fan Club's definition of "loli" is any female anime/manga character with a childlike appearance. Physical aging is a key factor in determining whether or not a character qualifies, and actual chronological age is not. The only requirement to join is that you appreciate art of young female characters in anime and manga.

Loli lovers unite!

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Loli Picture Thread
7 replies by 3kaeru »»
05-04-11, 9:46 AM

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greed2 | 08-28-14, 11:46 PM
I don't know when or how other lolicons became lolicons but for me, I now recalled my past.
After reading that manga, it then reminded me about my youth was largely influenced by c.s lewis's The Magician's Nephew. So, at least for me, I recalled why I originally was a lolicon in the past. To anyone, who watch Dragon Crisis, then you would likely understand.

Konfig | 10-04-12, 10:15 PM
Any lolicon IRC channels around anymore? I remember this club used to have one, don't suppose it's still active.

Icy_Rice | 10-04-12, 8:50 PM
I just noticed this club on your profile and joined.

loliconcraze | 08-16-12, 6:41 PM
Now to get the comments started.
What is everyone up.

SubstanceD | 12-06-11, 7:09 PM
This might seem a little sudden, but I'm limiting my online presence to Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and a couple of other sites. That means I'll be leaving this site, I leave the club in charge of the new officers. Have fun! :)

Noxterio | 05-18-11, 10:34 PM
I love Lolis!