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While hunting in the forest, Lord Asano of Ako and his samurai find a young half-breed and take him with them to live in the castle. Several years later, Lord Asano holds a tournament to welcome the Shogun to Ako. The night after the tournament, Lord Asano is bewitched into hurting Lord Kira of Nagato, and is punished into committing seppuku by the Shogun. Realizing that it was a Lord Kira's evil plot, the samurais and the half-breed sets out for revenge against the Shogun's order.
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This Movie is Disaster.. Spirit of Samurai? A little bit...... Japanese Culture? Mmmmmmm..............Fantasy? Kind of.......... Historical? Some what............ This movie is trying so hard to combine so many different elements but
totally out of control, which makes it became in the middle of nothing.. After the viewing, I don't understand the reason the Tattoo guy in the
poster.. In comment sense, he should be a very important one in the
story; however, he is nothing but only with cool Tattoos.. Production designer and Art directors should study diligently about
Japanese culture before making everything as well as costume designer..It isn't worth to spend time and money to get into theater to watch; If
you really wanna view it, waiting for DVD will be a much better choice..

As this is a fantasy retelling of a historic event it takes liberties..
However, for me it was about Honor above all else.. I left the theater
not only entertained and with a sense of pride in the story telling.. As
a veteran it resonates what I felt when we finished what we had to
accomplish.. I did not read the reviews going into today's viewing,
however after I seen it I read the reviews and I think they got it
wrong.. This movie is very good with a lot of understatement and
sometimes it gets fanciful but does not takeaway from the story
telling.. I believe if you go a see it you will be surprised how good it
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