The Canadian National Anime Expo, along with the Canadian National Comic Book Expo, the Science Fiction Expo, the Horror Expo, and the Gaming Expo, makes Fan Expo Canada, one of the largest conventions in the world!

The Expo is 14 years old, and had 43,000 attendees last year. If you were one of them, or plan to be in future years, this club is for you. ^_^

Sister club: Anime North

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Hotel Room Space
0 replies by Zmey »»
06-10-09, 8:23 PM
2 replies by kaleidoruby »»
08-06-08, 2:17 PM

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kaleidoruby | 05-27-09, 5:39 AM
I'm going! Costumes are still a little up in the air, though...

My sister, my friend and I are definitely cosplaying from Tales of the Abyss, and Reborn as well, but we're undecided on if we want to cosplay from Hetalia (like everyone else, I'm sure), or if we want to do something different like Eden of the East.

Tatriana | 05-26-09, 8:06 PM
I'm planning on going this year. It will be my first year going~
I'm going to cosplay as Rogue from X-Men. This outfit >

I'm getting one of my friends to dress up as the Emma Frost/White Queen.
It's going to be wicked. >D

Metawaii | 04-28-09, 6:42 PM
so whos going this 09?

kaleidoruby | 08-27-08, 5:58 AM
I did... CC on Friday, Tuskasa on Saturday (in a full Lucky Star cheerleader group) and Amulet Spade on Sunday.

neoarcadia | 08-26-08, 7:06 PM
I only went one day, i was to sick to go all three. =( So did anyone cosplay?

kaleidoruby | 08-26-08, 1:53 PM
I went all three days, too!

datria | 08-26-08, 11:40 AM
i went all 3 days ^^

neoarcadia | 08-22-08, 7:06 PM
So, who went so far?

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