Kururugi Suzaku Must Die

A club for all who absolutely despise the Code Geass character Suzaku. Everyone who fits that category is welcome to join.

Oh ya, and if you're a fan of Lelouch, which I suspect most of you are, here's another club you would probably be interested in joining:

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In what ways do you want Suzaku to die?
26 replies by j4x »»
11-20-12, 9:05 AM
The Sinister Sins of Suzaku Kururugi
48 replies by purplerose917 »»
11-23-11, 3:07 PM
List of anime characters who are manlier than Suzaku Kururugi ( 1 2 )
57 replies by RoninAquila »»
06-01-10, 7:09 AM
Kallen vs Suzaku
7 replies by bellgybo »»
01-04-10, 8:15 AM
Poll: Rossiu VS Suzaku
7 replies by KyokoNoKoibito »»
09-18-09, 3:11 AM

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Club Comments
Jaywalker | 06-01-13, 9:11 PM
im glad u agree
long live lelouch <3

MinaRockz | 05-31-13, 1:01 PM
Oh yeah, Suzaku fails in my book. .__. Always doing things for his selfish ideas..I didn't like him at all.

I agree 1000% on the part about the hatred increasing haha, that's exactly how I felt.

Jaywalker | 05-22-13, 5:22 PM
suzaku sucks!!!! he's such a cry baby he started to cry in the first season and I hate him ever since!!! now the hatred is increasing episode by episode!!

NihonFalcom | 10-14-12, 2:46 PM
Leaving this club, but Suzaku is still gay.

killingkirei | 09-03-12, 6:10 AM
Up til now, I want him to die c:

Attia | 08-17-12, 8:38 AM
Kill that fag! How dare he put his foot on Lelouch's head!

Rivayne | 05-23-12, 10:58 PM
Highfive Kallen for punching him

NihonFalcom | 11-14-11, 10:30 AM
Nice pic? o_o

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