Otaku Gaming Club

this will be like a guild/clan/group

we are interested in games like
Ragnarok Online
Lineage 2

any online games that involves people playing together.

Otaku = japanese, manga, anime, visual novles, novels, games, anything you would find in a komiket.

Gaming = MMORPGs

Club = Guild/Clan/Club , chats, party.

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Gaming Experiences
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04-17-09, 10:45 AM

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Club Comments
pdf4 | 09-25-10, 6:47 AM
ill delete this club eventually.

pdf4 | 06-26-09, 7:10 PM
hi welcome!
what is a Steam Group?

Onikukki | 06-25-09, 10:06 AM
Well I know this group is for MMORPGs, but a Steam Group couldn't hurt. Should I make one?

pdf4 | 06-14-09, 12:42 AM
you got any ideas?

Ramen | 06-13-09, 2:25 PM
needs more members D:

pdf4 | 06-12-09, 11:21 AM

pdf4 | 05-09-09, 9:42 PM
erm... it reads
Members: 13

but when I go to "See All" under Club Members, it will show me only 12 pictures incuding my self.

where did this 13th member disapper to O_O :S :X???

Still, I encourage you people to post something under the Club Discussion Gaming Experiences.

pdf4 | 04-17-09, 11:15 AM
go to Club Discussions and tell us your gaming experiences !

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