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Berserk is a series that exemplifies everything seinen should be.

It couples well crafted and believable characters with an epic and unbelievable story. It has the most gruesome and grotesque imagery of any series I've ever seen, but offsets this with moments of levity and lightheartedness. These respites are necessary, not just for the characters, but for the readers, because the intensity and engrossing nature of the series makes it hard to handle.

However, I'm definitely glad I stuck with it - Berserk is probably the best series I've ever read.

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Tormentor01 | 03-12-15, 3:39 AM
Good for you guys, in my coutry only the first five chapter were released yet. I also have the 16-17. from another publisher.

Gray_Aria | 12-17-14, 5:44 PM
I believe the Berserk release schedule has always been irregular. At least it has for as long as I've been following it.

NyappyQueen | 12-17-14, 2:33 PM
I had a break reading Berserk and during that break only 4 new chapters were released... I feel like taking another year long break since it's irregular now. *sigh*
Btw, is Berserk fandom in Japan big enough to allow Miura to take breaks since it seems he doesn't need to worry about decreasing popularity on the magazine? Just a guess. hah

Gray_Aria | 12-11-14, 11:06 PM
New chapters release irregularly. For example We had one August 14th then the most recent one was October 04th. I would guess maybe sometime this month but that's wishful thinking. Miura goes on long hiatuses very often. Especially when a new Idolmaster game comes out.

FluffLynn | 12-11-14, 1:21 PM
u_u So that confirms my suspicions...
It sucks xD You get to read a chapter in a few minutes and it takes more than a month for a new one to appear ;-; I... I just want to find out what happens to Casca >_<

JohnYeti | 12-11-14, 12:55 PM
I'm not quite sure how often, beacuse I always wait until more will appear.

I only know that new chapters appears too rarely -.-

FluffLynn | 12-11-14, 7:28 AM
Hello everyone! Nice to meet some fellow Berserk fans :P Quite many, if I might add. Got a question: how often does a new chapter appear? Or it's rather random - either 1 month or even more?
Anyway, feel free to check my instagram and chat with me there since I post quite a lot of Berserk related stuff <3

JohnYeti | 11-23-14, 11:53 AM
sure, why not