Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World


Set two years after the events of Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube, Dawn of the New World follows the journey of two new young heroes, Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi, as they seek to uncover the mystery of why their world has fallen into ruin. In their quest, their paths will cross with the original cast of Tales of Symphonia including Lloyd and Colette, as well as Ratatosk who claims to be the lord of all monsters.

Dawn of the New World introduces a new monster recruitment feature in which players can capture more than 200 unique enemies and train them to actively participate in battle. Players can then feed these monsters to make them more effective, and even evolve them into several new fearsome forms. The game also features an updated real-time battle system that lets players move freely in all directions around the battlefield, execute powerful unison attacks and take advantage of a new elemental alignment system for even more strategic depth.

This is a club for fans of the new Tales Wii RPG game, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (aka ToS: Knight of Ratatosk).

Fans of the original Tales of Symphonia are also welcome ^_^

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Club Discussion
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Novels
0 replies by »»
Which ending had you?
0 replies by xSasuke_lover69 »»
08-26-11, 5:08 PM
Poll: Which new character is your favorite?
21 replies by xSasuke_lover69 »»
08-26-11, 5:05 PM
Poll: Which returning character are you most excited about seeing again?
23 replies by xSasuke_lover69 »»
08-26-11, 5:03 PM
Which is better? The original ToS or ToS 2: DoTNW?
6 replies by UsagiCharlotte »»
04-04-10, 7:41 PM

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Club Comments
AngelRaf | 07-18-10, 6:54 AM
Just made this club.Are you interesed in afiliation?

BlazingDevil | 08-08-09, 12:01 AM
this club is dead...

feder | 05-04-09, 11:11 AM
Like the Tales franchise? A few members and I have started a new Tales club dedicated to providing fans with a one-stop news site featuring the most current Tales information. The site also focuses on Tales discussion for all Tales games. Check it out here

BlazingDevil | 05-02-09, 1:02 PM
your probably right kuyukly

Kuyu | 04-29-09, 11:33 PM
It could still make sense. I still say "in a month" when in actuality something will occur in a month and a couple days.

Two years and a month? I'd still just say two years, personally.

feder | 04-29-09, 8:23 PM
@BlazinDevil: Aselia is actually the name of the world in Phantasia. When the worlds split the each adopted their own names: Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. But the joint world is now called Aselia once again. In other words, the world was originally called Aselia before its split. The name Iselia may have been adapted from Aselia, as the name could have been carried down and changed from generation to generation.

@kachosen576:To be honest, the writers probably didn't even take any of that into consideration when they wrote the script for the game. I wouldn't be surprised if they had made a mistake. But still, 765 is only 30 days over two years, so it could make sense if it the years were longer like you said. Just how much longer is the real question.

BlazingDevil | 04-22-09, 5:13 PM
so the world is called aselia... they so ripped of iselia for the name<_<

kachosen576 | 04-21-09, 9:28 PM
the Aselian calendar yr spans a little over 365 days..when i played tales of phantasia the in-game text during play explained that the full calendar yr extended beyond 365..its not sure how many days exactly

also since ToS is a prequel and the same calendar yrs apply in this game (supposing nothing happened to the length of months and days in ordinary Aselian timeline after separation of the worlds)..did that even make sense lol..sorry

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