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A brother-complex is a Psycological condition that a girl, usually in her teens or pre-teens, desires the unrequited affection of her older brother. Sometimes displaying hostility towards any other girl that may try to approach the older brother in question. In rare cases, it may be the girl's desire that her older brother forces illicit sexual fantasies upon her against her will.

A sister-complex is the Psycological condition that a boy, usually in his teens or early twenties, desires the unrequited affection of his younger sister. In most cases, it is merely a state of over-protectiveness of the younger sister in question. In most other cases, it is the boy's desire that his younger sister wilfully engage in illicit sexual fantasies toward him.

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What is your favorite couple?
2 replies by Melbi »»
08-30-14, 6:42 AM
Does anyone here have siblings?
1 replies by IchigoRadiance »»
05-13-14, 2:26 AM
how many siscons?
6 replies by Kundalini »»
08-25-13, 9:52 AM

Club Comments
Casper-Kitty | 10-10-13, 2:52 AM
I was wondering, if I created a group on Tumblr, deviantart or facebook for brother/sister complex, would anyone be interested in joing? then people can talk and share about it :)

RenaPsychoKiller | 08-28-13, 4:44 AM
Well, this club is a duplicate. There are already clubs for brother and sister complex.
Check before creating, duh.

YandereObsessed | 08-22-13, 3:02 PM
haha xD

ShichiroAhiro | 08-21-13, 2:10 PM
Oh lol, sounds interesting, but i dont think i could sit threw an anime about a bunch of guys xD

YandereObsessed | 08-20-13, 12:52 PM
yeah, Brothers Conflict is a reverse Harem. So the MC (Ema) Is surrounded by boys, who are her step bros.
Tsubaki is the one who has a siscon though, so hes always wanted a little sister.

awww (^_^)

anjimymay | 08-12-13, 2:55 AM
T.T I wish I had a little sister.

ShichiroAhiro | 08-09-13, 1:24 PM
iv been wanting to watch it, but aint it like a reverse harem?

Atikal | 08-08-13, 11:15 AM
My fave are Yoh from Deadman Wonderland, Kyousuke from Little Busters, and Kyousuke from Oreimo. Imoutos: Himari from Penguindrum, Kirino from Oreimo, and Satoko from Higurashi.

From Brothers Conflict

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