For god sake stop scoring shows when no episodes are out!

Non-affliated with For god sake stop reviewing shows when only one or two episodes are out! and yet we agree with them too.

And seriously... STOP DOING THIS!

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Here's another
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02-02-14, 7:07 AM

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razortongue | 03-22-15, 1:30 AM
Knowing the amount of stupidity in the animu community it'll probably even be in the top 10 before it airs.

Gholy | 03-15-15, 4:19 PM
SnK will probably hit the Top 25 about a month or less before it airs because of the fans hyping it.

RAWRfizzz | 03-04-15, 4:50 PM
SnK season two is ranked #75 now. How high do you think it will get before it starts?

bci110 | 03-02-15, 6:34 PM
Ace of Diamond Season 2 - just recently announced and already 3 people rated it:

Funny thing is that 6 people are watching a show that hasn't even aired yet and 2 people dropped it lol.

starstorm | 12-25-14, 9:37 PM
They could just disallow it.. not hard. XD

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