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Weekly Toonami Episode Guide (2014) ( 1 2 )
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07-20-14, 7:50 PM
Japanese Space Dandy animator dislikes English Dub?
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07-19-14, 9:39 PM
Create Your Own Toonami Lineup!
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06-18-14, 4:06 AM
What anime would you like to see added to the Toonami lineup in the future? ( 1 2 3 4 )
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Should Toonami Replay Series?
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06-13-14, 8:38 PM

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SwatKat1990 | 11 hours ago
Ben 10 bypassed the " let contracts go to waste" because of it's massive toy sales, that's how it was able to spawn all those sequels and that live action film.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 11:09 PM
Well, action cartoons, that's very true.

Kokiri-Kid | Yesterday, 9:48 PM
And guess what Cartoon Network doesn't show much of anymore? Western action cartoons. It's better to air them on Toonami at 5am than to let the contracts go to waste. Toonami is mostly anime anyway, so it's nice to have some variety.

SwatKat1990 | Yesterday, 6:53 PM

Well spoken, I couldn't agree more. I call the 90s "The Golden Age Of Action Cartoons". Some were based on comics, some were based on games, action cartoons back then were kicking ass and taking names. There were tons of badasses who'd stood for justice day and night, they always said "We're not going down without a fight". It was wonderful time like nothing before, but now you don't awesomeness like that anymore.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 6:06 PM
I would like Toonami to be anime only because, guess what? We already have a block that does western cartoons, it's called Cartoon Network. :)

Kokiri-Kid | Yesterday, 4:06 PM
Yeah your right about that. Still, it's very unlikely that they would go to Media Blasters and ask to air it. There is no demand for it, at all haha.

Well you said it yourself here multiple times, they don't make enough money to justify making them. There are still action cartoons being made just in a lesser degree. Star Wars Rebels is about to premiere on DXD soon and there is a brand new Pacific Rim cartoon coming out soon. There are also plenty of DC and Marvel cartoons still being produced. I think there will always be new action cartoons, but I don't think we will ever see as many as there was in the 90s or early 2000s.

SwatKat1990 | Yesterday, 2:55 PM
It seems action cartoons are getting the short end of the stick nowadays. There's barley any Western action cartoons at all and it makes no sense to me.

SwatKat1990 | Yesterday, 2:27 PM

Actually, the first two seasons were licensed by Media Blasters, the third season Rebellion was licensed by Sentai.

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