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What anime would you like to see added to the Toonami lineup in the future? ( 1 2 3 )
41 replies by DatDamnPR »»
Yesterday, 9:23 AM
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix ( 1 2 )
21 replies by Kokiri-Kid »»
04-14-14, 5:49 PM
Weekly Toonami Episode Guide (2014)
16 replies by Kokiri-Kid »»
04-13-14, 9:09 AM
Should Toonami Replay Series?
8 replies by SwatKat1990 »»
04-08-14, 3:01 PM
New thundercats and Sym-biotic titan?
12 replies by Grandsteam »»
03-30-14, 6:14 PM

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Club Comments
DatDamnPR | Yesterday, 11:27 PM
I only recently got into watching subbed series thanks to Attack on Titan and CrunchyRoll. I really only watched dubbed before that. But now, I watch a bunch of subbed series. Like aceofwar20 said, it depends on the situation.

IdntHavWings | Yesterday, 8:32 PM
thanks KingZ, I was watching Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai when I thought of it. my e-mail is a total contradiction of it tho.

aceofwar20 | Yesterday, 8:26 PM
I like to watch both as well. It depends on the situation.

Fallenkingzero | Yesterday, 8:20 PM
That's a pretty cool name Wings :)

haha yeah I'd also like to believe we're all mature here.

IdntHavWings | Yesterday, 8:18 PM
I'm sure we all like to think we're all mature here, at least I like to think I am. Don't ask anybody I know tho..

Fallenkingzero | Yesterday, 8:13 PM
Oh good I thought I was about to see WW3 aka sub vs dub lol good to see were all leveled headed.

Kokiri-Kid | Yesterday, 8:08 PM
I tend to watch dubs if they are available, but I watched a lot of subs too. I like and respect both ways of watching anime.

IdntHavWings | Yesterday, 8:06 PM
Yeah I tend to prefer subs myself, it feels more original to me; but its all preferences. Its a topic not even worth debating for me. I give props to the dubbers and subbers out there, its all art, wunderbar. I watched an elfen lied ep twice, the one the cops said come out with your hands up!, the other ep said come out with your pants down! lmfao!

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