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Best tripfriend on /a/. 2nd in command of the IRC brigade lead by heartaches. He is the backbone of the crew as he is the creator of spam bots and has a legion of over 100 anons. He's better than Komeiji and 40% because they have to take off their tripcodes and spam for their fame. Lelouch never takes off his tripcode. He is a tripfriend with honor.

Always on /a/ and occasionally /sp/~
Plays on EU West LoL add me if you want - MrTM103~
Seraphim my waifu~
I won't join em when I can beat em~

His MAL:
His youtube:
Find his legendary posts on /a/:

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Thank you for the invitation
3 replies by Shizune_ »»
06-20-12, 2:32 PM
Yuki > Kanami > Sara > Sh*t > Haruna > Chris > Daisensei > Taeko > Nene > Sera > Eu
0 replies by Yukinon- »»
05-25-12, 8:25 PM
1 replies by »»

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DestradoTehRei | 06-19-12, 6:43 PM
Le gay

g83 | 06-15-12, 12:27 PM
le douch

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