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Welcome to the Anime Observers club! As you might expect, we enjoy taking the time to watch various types of anime, regardless of age or genre.

Whether you love every anime in existence or only find true enjoyment in a few masterpieces, as an observer you acquaint yourself with all types and steadily immerse yourself in the realm of anime. While you may not share the opinions of others, this should not be a problem as long as you find a common love for anime. What is important is simply that you observe anime as it is and watch what you can in order to fulfill your enjoyment.

The ultimate goal, however, is to watch all anime that exist and that shall one day come to be. This may be a long task, and the numbers shall increase ever more as time goes on and new anime series are created. Regardless, pursuing this goal will be fulfilling and the search for anime might very well present you with lifelong favorites that you never expected to have.

If you have come to appreciate anime in any way, then feel free to consider yourself an anime observer as well.

(Written by MilesEdgeworth. Picture supplied by supercheeseduck. See the contest thread to see how to win this spot.)

As of Dec 3rd, 2012, Members who never posted will be removed from the club. These people are free to rejoin as they wish. But more likely then not will be removed again if they have no activity. This is to ensure a small group of semi-active people, rather then a large group of people who never are seen.

Again, you're free to rejoin at any time.

*Last Inactive Club Member Clean was April 12, 2014*

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Club Event 46: November 2015
eighttailedfox - Nov 1
1 replies by MonochromeSong »»
Nov 1, 3:54 PM
Club Event F15: Fall 2015
eighttailedfox - Oct 1
3 replies by LunarSpectrum »»
Nov 1, 12:58 PM
Club Event 45: October 2015
eighttailedfox - Oct 1
4 replies by eighttailedfox »»
Nov 1, 11:20 AM
Club Event Su15: Summer 2015
eighttailedfox - Jul 1
5 replies by MonochromeSong »»
Oct 2, 7:41 PM
Club Event 43: September 2015
eighttailedfox - Sep 3
2 replies by eighttailedfox »»
Sep 23, 9:15 PM

Club Comments
eighttailedfox | Nov 15, 8:41 PM
There's some good shows. But there's also some horrible ones. Lance n Masques, Asterick, and others.

A lot of them are named in my early thoughts in the fall 2015 thread.

MonochromeSong | Nov 15, 12:36 PM
I've been really enjoying this season. Maybe I just have terrible taste xD

LunarSpectrum | Nov 15, 8:00 AM
This season is that bad? Sakurako-san, One Punch Man, and now Owarimonogatari have been great.

(Caught up on Monogatari series all at once.)

eighttailedfox | Nov 14, 11:44 AM
Not much anime wise. Just watching airing (horrible season this season be)

Also been working on game development with a few others. Try to make a career of that.

Been playing some Blade and Soul, closed beta. It's a fun game.

LunarSpectrum | Nov 12, 4:14 AM
What've you been up to, shounen?

Finished Aria the Animation, finished Gonna Be the Twin-Tail, nearly finished with Kiniro Mosaic S2. Dragon Ball kinda was forgotten in favor of shorter anime, I guess.

eighttailedfox | Nov 10, 8:27 PM
I agree with Lunar's Katanagatari.

MonochromeSong | Nov 9, 3:22 PM
I second Lunar's suggestions, Detroit_Kira. I would also suggest perhaps Deadman Wonderland.

LunarSpectrum | Nov 8, 5:09 PM
Detroit_Kira, looking at your list, I'd say you should watch Katanagatari or Baccano!.

Well, ep 1 of Beautiful Bones appeared on Hulu. I was incredibly impressed by it, I'm super hyped for more now. One Punch Man is still going strong. Haven't actually started Concrete Revolutio yet.

Also watching Aria on the side.

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