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Here you can look for people who want to watch the same shows as you in simul watch mode.

In particular, we are a club for finding someone else to simul watch a show that has already been completed but that you and another member would both like to watch, but we also follow some ongoing shows so there should be something of interest for everyone.

A simul watch can be a great way to clear some of your backlog! Just find someone else with a matching series on your ptw list and drop them a line to see if they'd like to watch it with you! You and your simul watch partner watch the episodes at about the same time (don't forget to take time zone differences into account!) then comment on each other's profile (or some other way) as you finish each episode (spoiler tags are recommended for posting on others walls, on the off chance you accidentally spoil a series for someone else who happens to check your profile). Decide beforehand how many episodes you plan to watch and which days you will both have free. The main purpose of this club is to help users find other users with whom to simul watch and make new friends!

It's a fun experience because it makes you think more about the single episodes if you collect your thoughts about them after each one and it's more personal and responsive than doing it in the episode discussion threads in the subforums.

The Rules:
1. Always use spoiler tags in the designated discussion threads and label them so it is clear if they talk about the whole series or specific episodes.
2. If you refer to a series that is not the currently discussed one you should use additional spoiler tags if necessary, even if the second series is also one we are watching in the club.


PM Higashi_no_Kaze if you want to join any of the simulwatches.

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Urusei Yatsura
8 replies by Suna_Kujira »»
4 hours ago
Spring 2015: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2nd Season
6 replies by battosai-01 »»
Today, 3:03 AM
Spring 2015: Kekkai Sensen
11 replies by battosai-01 »»
Today, 2:57 AM
Gosenzosama Banbanzai
5 replies by Higashi_no_Kaze »»
Yesterday, 10:40 AM
Winter 2015: JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders Part 2 ( 1 2 )
63 replies by Sandileina »»
Yesterday, 2:43 AM

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Club Comments
Hias | 04-27-15, 9:22 AM
Darker Than Black was like X-Men but with a more noir vibe to it I felt. I really enjoyed the combat and Hei as a character. Season 2 a lot of people give shit, but I thought it was also a ton of fun.

KingYoshi | 04-27-15, 6:17 AM
Haha, my favorite from the series was season 2's OP :P

Astros | 04-27-15, 5:41 AM
I'm not sure how far back it was when I first saw it, but it was one of the original drama series that I watched and liked quite a bit. Also you can't not like S1's opening ;P.

I know for sure it was at least 3+ years back because I remember I saw the English dub, back when I was dubs only.

KingYoshi | 04-27-15, 3:22 AM
It has been over 5 years since I watched it myself.

kuchitsu | 04-27-15, 3:19 AM
I mean it does seem like a more adult-oriented show, even back then I could see it.

kuchitsu | 04-27-15, 3:18 AM
I can't say that I'm completely against episodic series, but when you only have one or two episodes to tell a story, you better be really good at storytelling. And, I don't know, none of the arcs in the first DTB managed to impress me. But that was almost 7 years ago, I think my preferences are quite different now so I might have a radically different opinion if I watch it again. Maybe I was too young to get it back then (15 years old).

KingYoshi | 04-27-15, 3:06 AM
I shall. I remember liking the ending because it was more open to interpretation and for one other reason that would spoil things.

KingYoshi | 04-27-15, 3:04 AM
I still gave season one a 9/10, so I thought it was great. I just gave season two a higher 9/10.