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404 replies by sarimdesert »»
05-23-15, 6:12 AM
Throw something at the user above you! <game>
42 replies by Sabeeh »»
03-11-15, 11:21 PM
inactive? or active?
3 replies by Genitalbastard »»
03-10-15, 1:22 AM
Tell me your facebooks.
2 replies by Chai_ »»
12-29-14, 3:15 PM
What anime left the strongest impression on you? And for how long were you hungover it?
6 replies by humza »»
12-04-14, 5:57 AM

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sarimdesert | 2 hours ago
last weekendd i was like super bored so i thought what to do while avoiding studying .
so i thought of rewatching am anime and black lagoon just happened to come to mind . i planned on watching the 1st season only but heck ended up watching all three .

then i had this feeling of why dont they make anime like those these days the code geasse the gundam 00 the steins gate type .

Genitalbastard | 05-21-15, 11:26 PM
Sorry for the absence guys, y'know exams and all.


Really good cover music there. Fairy Tail one was my favorite.
I really do want to visit an animecon though, but Faisalabad....

Pwntage | 05-11-15, 2:31 PM
@sarimdesert well i go and grab a friend along with me. i haven't been able to make friends as well for now since i don't socialize with new people that easily. but its always fun to see people with similar thought process as oneself gather in a place. there is always something intriguing happening so even though the aftershock of the experience is bad, the experience isn't bad in itself. especially if u have some cosplay or something to do.give it a try or keep watch here like me if someone posts something similar go for it.

sarimdesert | 05-11-15, 8:24 AM
@pwntage i dont go animecons b.c i dont know anybody there and em not good with people so it just becomes awkward !

Pwntage | 05-09-15, 12:32 PM
@ sarimdesert . I had afro till 2010. after that nature has taken its course.
@ Geni-2-ol i stopped watching after the first season. It was a disappointment for me since the start. The manga fight sequences were so good. And my Friend and I were expecting the anime to be PG-18 and full of good action.
here's a somewhat better quality of the videos.
Parasyte Opening

Fairy tail

Genitalbastard | 05-08-15, 3:57 AM
Nice play man! reminds me of the good old days when I was a die hard Fairy Tail fan. The 2014 season sucked so much I couldn't bear it...dem feels tho

it has the best theme...objectively

sarimdesert | 05-07-15, 1:19 PM
sorry didt mean to spoil it for any body i just got a bit emotional .

@geni Rin in super annoying !

@pwtage DIdt u have a afro ?

Pwntage | 05-03-15, 12:23 PM
i performed this at a recent anime con event (twincon islamabad). its the fairy tail main theme. sorry about the video having bad audio and incomplete recording. thoughts and feedback plis.

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