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Throw something at the user above you! <game>
42 replies by Sabeeh »»
03-11-15, 11:21 PM
inactive? or active?
3 replies by Geni-2-ol »»
03-10-15, 1:22 AM
Sticky: - Member Introductions - ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
407 replies by Allen_Nadir »»
01-03-15, 9:14 PM
Tell me your facebooks.
2 replies by Chai_ »»
12-29-14, 3:15 PM
What anime left the strongest impression on you? And for how long were you hungover it?
6 replies by humza »»
12-04-14, 5:57 AM

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improfessional | 2 hours ago
@ sarim, Try Nanatsu no Taizai & FSN Unlimited blade works.......

sarimdesert | 3 hours ago
omg parasyte was awsome ....... tokyo goul not so much droped on ep 5 .. thanks buddy

though i watched it like 8 months ago try Silver Spoon to cheer your self up after exams Or watch barakamon :) if u just want to relex !

mrtomatohead | 04-17-15, 12:24 PM
Tokyo ghoul and parasyte are worth checking out, i'm not watching anything right now either because of exams and stuff.

sarimdesert | 04-17-15, 2:27 AM
the message in the anime is just that buddy ! Better thing do come about .

and yeah the ending sound track was just MVP !

so any new anime that i should like watch ? . i havet been keeping my self updated on anime for over a year so dont really know the whats in these days .

mrtomatohead | 04-16-15, 5:22 AM
I watched NHK a couple of months ago, it made me feel terrible about myself because the mc was so relatable but it also gave me motivation to strive for more instead of watching anime all day, i especially liked the soundtrack and the overall feel it brought to the show. 10/10 would watch again.

sarimdesert | 04-15-15, 1:53 PM
whats up team its been a long time ?

just rewatched Welcome to NHK :D

thought might start a decision about the anime , if u neewbies havet watched it ! do it now ....

is anyone other then me reading the AoT manga

Pwntage | 04-10-15, 3:06 AM
is any1 going to that twincon event in islamabad? i want to go but don't want to wander around obliviously. meeting few of you ppl there would be a plus.
also am thinking of doing some performance but still not sure as if i have enough time to prepare.

Geni-2-ol | 03-23-15, 1:14 PM
bro chill use the sites improfessional linked

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