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For the people who live this Loli character from Tales of Graces!
Character description:

(Sophie in Reala costume(Tales of Destiny 2))
Name: Sophie
Age: N/A
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)/ Cassandra Morris (English)
The main heroine. Asbel ran into her in the middle of a battle during a dispute at the border between Lhant and Fendel, against Fendel's military. In contrast to the innocent atmosphere she has about her, she is quite skilled in combat, and was able to help Asbel in repelling Fendel's troops. She has lost her memory, though this fact doesn't seem to hinder her except when she has to interact with others. Asbel named her after a flower that he is fond of. She fights with her fists

I rarely ever update. Cause I'm a lazy ass. If someone wants to take over and dedicate themselves to this club... Go ahead.

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Kagamin25 | 03-19-13, 1:45 PM

Erzo | 04-11-12, 4:47 PM
Cutest girl character! and she's a total boss. Almost every scene with her the hilarious!

CrimsonLight | 03-13-12, 9:20 AM
Just got home.
Went to the store at 10h30 and saw plenty of people waiting in line. Nearly everyone in line was waiting for this! Ah the joy~
Excuse me as I go play ps3 like a maniac now.

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