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Rozenluxis - Nov 14, 2011
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Club Comments
Sleipnirr | 47 minutes ago
@whoresome-Jack well teh goverment could just put it off as a serial killer or could close those case as missing people or even more easy they could frame people and after that they would continue to frame people catching others as copycat killers. They might even make them a fake organization that does not exist.

Whoresome-Jack | 1 hour ago
If I had super powers the very first thing I would do is become a serial killer. Even a handful of people like me in that world would blow the lid off any of the gov's attempts to hide it. Even still, I did say in the bio that she worked for a sector of the government that was opposed to allowing these supernatural people their freedoms.

Sleipnirr | 1 hour ago
@whoresome-Jack i dont know about that i think goverment may know about it but dont really know about the public. Also if they hide it why would it not be possible. Just dont use it and if someone who would announce it to the world sees it just kill him. That is something i use one of the bio of my character.

Whoresome-Jack | 1 hour ago
There is not a hope in hell super powers would be able to be held from the world. That was my undertsanding anyway

Sleipnirr | 1 hour ago
ummm after reading naomi ito' bio a question come to me. According to the rp world does the world know of super powers. Since you know we even had a sc about hiding our powers while performing i wondered if that even was necessary.

Sleipnirr | 1 hour ago
@zeno yeah than i understood the situation wrong and Kasai is in the wrong here so i wont pick on victor. I believe that solves our problem

Zeno | 1 hour ago
diogora said:
[b]Diana Yomi

Turn 3

The boy was still cruelly hit, basically tortured and all everyone could do was watch until Leo finally let go of him. Next thing there was...a tornado? She wasn't sure about it, but having stayed at the back with Victor, it seemed that they would not be hit by it. She decided to take this opportunity to tell him something. Everyone's attention would be on the tornado, so hopefully no one would see what she was about to do. She whispered to Victor "I don't know why the clothes to hide like that, but your scent, it's the one I'll never forget. I know it's you, Victor...idiot" she would say before kissing his cheek. She would have done all that with confidence and the tornado lasting more than 4 seconds, she had had the time to do so before the tornado stopped. Once she was looking away from Victor again though, at the battle, mainly at what Yuuki did, there was a blush on her face, a huge blush that hopefully no one would see. She'd in her own way confessed to him, after all this time she'd finally found him again, even unsure if he understood the confession the way he was, but she did. The middle of battle wasn't the best time to confess, but she needed to tell him before she'd chicken out...and she knew that after the battle she had to let Rachel see Amie...

Sleipnirr | 2 hours ago
@zeno i dont think it was a peck at the cheek at the time i remember it being a kiss on the lips but if its like that i admit that i was wrong as i thought the situation was something else entirely.

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