Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool, a prestigious faculty famous for its high standards and known for educating unique students, both normal and unnatural.

Important Notice:
As you all may have noticed, my absence from this club has been quite long.
Sadly, I have to inform you that, I, the club creator Rozenluxis, will resign from
this club as its main driving force. This means that I will no longer provide events or
updates. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of Shiroku Highschool.

As of now, all those who are currently registered as admins may or may not
continue the club. I will give them all my power and the duties that follow
them, meaning that admins now have complete authority over the
club. This includes creating threads, making changes to the club page, create new
rules and everything else. This elevates all admins essentially to the "creator level".

So where does that leave us?
Admins now have the decision whether or not to continue with Shiroku Highschool. Since I can no longer continue with the club, those who want to succeed me are free to do so.
If this club continues, I may be able to be active now and then to provide support.
If this club does not continue, then Shiroku Highschool will end right there.

Since Shiroku Highschool has been heavily reliant on its creator, the moment he
steps out of the picture is the moment the club ceases to be active. I will grant a
chance to solve this problem and give Shiroku Highschool to all its members.
Also, I give my sincerest thanks for all those who continued to follow this club so far.


Letter of application:
All students, wishing to apply are required to read the following sections in order to ensure that you will enjoy your coming highschool life to the utmost of your ability.
It is also advised to read the FAQ thread beforehand.

Now with all this paperwork done: Welcome to Shiroku High. A place for everyone wishing for an unique and different role-play experience.

Make your character here:
Then choose your school uniform here:
School Uniforms
And even create your own club:
School Clubs
Also for those who want to help:
Help as a club officer!

The bulletin board located within the school reads:
Start of the new term:

As time goes by we all move forward and continue our lives.
A semester has already gone by and the second half starts now.
We all have made many experiences in the last months and we
will continue to make new experiences as we all grow and learn
together. All students, both old and new alike, will meet new
friends and forge new relationships as the school bustles with life.

But amidst these hectic days, do not neglect your studies!
Also, the opening ceremony will be conducted shortly.
For those who are yet to become familiar with the environment,
attendance is highly requested.

Yours sincerely,
The principal.


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Club Discussion
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Club Comments
Valdez | 08-20-14, 3:43 PM
You may wish to join us at

-Snowman- | 08-20-14, 3:26 PM
o .e

Snowman was here

Valdez | 07-19-14, 5:57 AM
Since the club appeared to be rather dead, mind if I take over?

llPhantom | 03-17-14, 11:22 AM
Yeah. Sorry

Pretty-Setsu | 03-17-14, 7:46 AM
oh i se.. so we cant rp. too bad

llPhantom | 03-17-14, 7:32 AM
There's a limited amount of characters I can create.

Pretty-Setsu | 03-17-14, 6:58 AM
you can make another character... cant u?

llPhantom | 03-17-14, 6:57 AM
Well, if the one I was talking to doesn't reply, I can't really move my character.
I've been here for awhile, Setsu.

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Created: Nov 14, 2011

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Kitsukami (Admin)
llPhantom (Admin)
Ningx (Admin)
Rozenluxis (Creator)
Tsukune-Dono (Admin)

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This is a public club. Anyone can join and invite others to join.

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