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Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool, a prestigious facility famous for its high standards and known for educating gifted students, both normal and unnatural.

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All students, wishing to apply are required to read the following sections
in order to ensure that you can enjoy your coming highschool life to the fullest.
It is also advised to read the FAQ thread beforehand.

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Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool!
A place for everyone wishing for an unique and different role-play experience.

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I will go ahead!

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Club Comments
Xue_Yue | 3 hours ago
I am safely on my way home. All nighter isn't good for anyone, especially me.

Xue_Yue | 4 hours ago
Arigatou gozaimasu~! I'm barely making sense myself. Neurons not functioning too well you see.

You would fall over laughing if you're next to me and see how many typos I am making per sentence.

Canaas | 4 hours ago
@Xue_Yue:Yeah a few things were a little unclear but I think I understood mostly what you meant, responded in the thread again.

Xue_Yue | 5 hours ago
@Canaas: Whichever rocks your boat. But seriously pardon me if I'm not making sense. The neurons receptors in my brain are not working at their optimal state because I'm not sleeping. All-nighters really screws my body clock

Canaas | 5 hours ago
@Xue_Yue:I'll reply in the thread because that's a little less cluttery IMO but you can leave the comment there I guess.

Xue_Yue | 5 hours ago
@Canaas: please refer to below~

Xue_Yue | 5 hours ago
Going to sound stupid right not but pardon me because I've not slept for the past 20 hours or so and surviving on pure sugar at this point in time.

Is Prana/Chi/Magical Energy applicable for someone whose main ability is martial arts? Asking because I don't see Sayge as some sort of magical person or something like that.

The corruption system, like I mentioned is unique to him. It's kinda like a meter or if you wanner think of it, it's kinda like a points system. So every time a sin lets him use his ability, then there's some sort of reward to it.

Energy leech-wise, I guess closeup would be better in his situation. But of course if I can get away with range then that's better.

The forest-wise is perhaps a range? Like a small area? Would that be fine?

I don't think Sayge can "manipulate paper in midair" since he's technically grounded and not flying. (And technically it's kinda like a primary ability right?) this is supposed to be one of the more offensive ability so yeahh

If Wrath's ability allows him to store the damage dealt to him and return it to his opponent without adding anything extra, would that be okay?

Thinking about the second weapon there so it's not confirmed yet. But just a question, a pair of gauntlets is considered one weapon or two? What would the class be like?

Canaas | 5 hours ago
@Xue_Yue:Ok, if you're not sure about something I said I can explain more though.

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