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Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool, a prestigious faculty famous for its high standards and known for educating unique students, both normal and unnatural.

Important Notice:
This club is no longer being run by the creator, but instead by the whole administration and all the members of this club. The admins have all the rights to modify this club in whatever way they desire. Members who have a personal stake in this club and wish to join the administration in order to shape the club as well may contact the creator.

The Story so far...

Letter of application:
All students, wishing to apply are required to read the following sections in
order to ensure that you can enjoy your coming highschool life to the fullest.
It is also advised to read the FAQ thread beforehand.

Now with all this paperwork done:
Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool!
A place for everyone wishing for an unique and different role-play experience.

Create your character here:
Then choose your school uniform here:
School Uniforms
And even create your own club:
School Clubs
A list of helpful links:

Current Event:
Hot Springs
After the events of "The Game", the Psychology Teacher, Elizabeth Sperry, thought it would be a good idea to let students relax and have fun socializing in the nice, relaxing nature of the Hot Springs and let all their troubles melt away~.
However, trouble looms in the Hot Springs, will the students persevere through it, or will they leave even more stressed than before~?

Completed Events:

Current School Theme:

On a voyage of splendor~

Current Time:

WEEK #1, Wednesday


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Club Discussion
[EVENT - Hot Springs] Town
cupcakemann95 - Aug 29
30 replies by cupcakemann95 »»
1 hour ago
[EVENT - Hot Springs] Slim C.'s Black Market Hot Shop
cupcakemann95 - Sep 2
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1 hour ago
[EVENT - Hot Springs] Front of the Bus ( 1 2 )
cupcakemann95 - Aug 24
65 replies by Canaas »»
3 hours ago
Sticky: [Forum Game] Scenario Crisis!! ( 1 2 )
DarkneX - Aug 8
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4 hours ago
[School] Rooftop ( 1 2 )
TheAnimeAdmiral - Jan 3
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5 hours ago

Club Comments
Rozenluxis | 10 hours ago

The Promotion System has been modified. Rank I members no longer receive a Character Slot Expansion and instead will be able to create antagonists. From now on, expansions must now be bought as a privilege in the RP Exchange Thread. However, all current Rank I members and above have been given the privilege automatically.
Privilege Accounts can also be found in the same thread.

subspace | Today, 4:50 AM
I saw a new comment on the teacher's creation thread and I got excited. Turns out it wasn't related to me...

Aconitum | Today, 4:01 AM
Good day.

Rozenluxis | Yesterday, 8:07 AM

Due to Yukio Kuuhaku having reached 30 CP, Evolution has now become available.
For more information, please consult the FAQ Thread under the section "What is Evolution?".
Furthermore, RANK VII has now been introduced.

Rozenluxis | Yesterday, 7:22 AM
You still have a chance to join the hotsprings event by going to the entrance.

Sleipnirr | Yesterday, 6:29 AM
btw since ı havent seriously rped for a long time who should ı interact with any suggestions?

Sleipnirr | Yesterday, 6:24 AM
wooh finally ı am free ı was in a metal fest this past 5 days it feels nice to be back home.

DarkneX | Aug 31, 11:27 PM
Scenario Crisis!! is now open for participants to join the Zombie Crisis!? scenario.

Join Shiroku in its fight against the zombies~!

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