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The bulletin board located within the school reads:

The schedule has now been decided and class may now be started. As class is in a different plot you may enter it without having to move your character from his or hers current location. For more information reading the FAQ is recommended.
Today's Schedule

Homeroom duties vary but its mostly taking attendance, bring up information about upcoming tests, and deal with any questions the student may have about their class. In general homeroom will be a very short class and should be finished without needless prolonging. As this will be the first homeroom the first upcoming task for each teacher is to decide a seat order and vote for a class representative. How they want to go about it is up to each teacher.


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Club Comments
Rozenluxis | 40 minutes ago
Might I ask why it would be godmodding if Yuuki's vault were not in her room? First of all godmodding is a term for characters who defy the boundaries of a rolplay (invincibility/character control etc.) None of Yuuki's actions would enable her to godmod. Even her machine gun is somthing that needs a set up to activate, making it useless for her to wield it in combat. It would have no practical value in combat unless Yuuki somehow manages to get the intruder to enter her room. (And since antagonists are mainly areabound, it would not be possible).

Also, her Room Changer cannot create objects out of nothing. It cannot replicate all of her inventions into her room since that would similar to godmodding.

Elvario | 4 hours ago
I'm off to sleep.
I've got to catch up to some hours.

Elvario | 4 hours ago
A selection out of the posts in Yuuki's room:

I think it is pretty clear that that vault is in this school and in that room. Otherwise I'd say he'd be godmodding.
Though since a few of those inventions seemed to have cuite some combat value (some of them are machine guns) you could already argue how serious that 'They are mostly useless in combat.' Should be taken.

I'd say 'only serve to further scientific revelations or her own entertainment. ' Just means they can be extremely effective in combat so long as there is a reason to see it as 'entertainment' or 'furgher scientific revelations' instead of combat.

Though I was already making Elvario ask for Kaya for that very reason.

TheAnimeAdmiral | 4 hours ago

Ravi_Chan | 4 hours ago
Good night everyone ^_^ Ill get my looong overdue rest =3

Canaas | 4 hours ago
@Elvario:There is only one other thing she actually has. Yuuki has a secret vault of inventions hidden somewhere.

"Scientific Inventions:
Yuuki has created an nearly endless array of practical tools, useless failures and sometimes even revolutionary inventions. She has stored them in her vault which is only known to her and its location is unknown to everyone else. They are mostly useless in combat and only serve to further scientific revelations or her own entertainment. Also, she has a tendency of giving them either overdramatical or cute names."

The question is, is it also in this Shiroku as well as the other one? Time will tell.

Don't worry, I have a way for Elvario to talk with Kaya away from prying eyes/ears. Specifically, he has a medical excuse for going to the infirmary, where no one could listen in. Although, since she will probably just use telepathy anyways in the infirmary, no one could possibly hear their conversation.

Elvario | 4 hours ago
I mean. She had poison ready closeby the teapot.
She had antidote in a container in her pockets.
Out of those she just has only 1 with the 'special' stuff in it.
She has machines guns with an auto-lock feature in her room.
She can control sound going in and out.

Next up would be that she has a surveillance network all over the school, or something like that.

Elvario | 4 hours ago
With everything she pulled off I wouldn't be surprised if Rozen made her turn it off as soon as Elvario walked out.
Or if Yuuki has by now planted spying devices in every corner of the school for that matter.

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