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Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool, a prestigious facility famous for its high standards and known for educating gifted students, both normal and unnatural.

Important Notice:
This club is no longer being run by the creator, but instead by the whole administration and all the members of this club. The admins have all the rights to modify this club in whatever way they desire. Members who have a personal stake in this club and wish to join the administration in order to shape the club as well may contact the creator.

The Story so far...

Letter of application:
All students, wishing to apply are required to read the following sections
in order to ensure that you can enjoy your coming highschool life to the fullest.
It is also advised to read the FAQ thread beforehand.

Now with all this paperwork done:

Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool!
A place for everyone wishing for an unique and different role-play experience.

Expose Yourself to the World:
Member Introductions
Choose Your Path:
Obtain Knowledge:
Student Guidebook
Teacher Guidebook
Make Some Impact:
School Clubs
Join In On Some Fun Action:
Scenario Crisis!!
Shiroku Sings~
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Current Time:
WEEK #3, Wednesday


(Changing to day on July 25th)

Current School Theme:

I will go ahead!

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Sticky: Character Creation Thread (Students) ( 1 2 3 )
Rozenluxis - Nov 14, 2011
125 replies by Xue_Yue »»
4 hours ago
[Dormitory] Room 12 ( 1 2 )
cupcakemann95 - Mar 10, 2015
90 replies by Wymsical »»
5 hours ago
[Dormitory] Elizabeth Sperry's Room / Therapist's Office ( 1 2 )
cupcakemann95 - Apr 20, 2015
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10 hours ago
[Dormitory] Room 4 ( 1 2 )
SimplicityKnight - Jan 11, 2015
86 replies by Canaas »»
11 hours ago
[Dormitory] Kaya Sato's Room
SimplicityKnight - Feb 27, 2015
12 replies by Canaas »»
11 hours ago

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MontyMars | Yesterday, 4:57 PM
hey hey hey

you know me

Zeno | Yesterday, 4:47 PM
Monteh? Is that you? Ello their Monteh~

MontyMars | Yesterday, 4:35 PM

Zeno | Yesterday, 3:54 PM

MontyMars | Yesterday, 3:27 PM
hey, don't worry, i'm here, and i'm obviously the master of lurking and never actually posting of keeping comments active.

Kasai | Yesterday, 1:59 PM
bumpy road

Kasai | Yesterday, 11:29 AM
cuz the comments are too silent

CalmCall | Yesterday, 9:13 AM
What's with the bumps??

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