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Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool, a prestigious faculty famous for its high standards and known for educating unique students, both normal and unnatural.

Important Notice:
This club is no longer being run by the creator, but instead by the whole administration and all the members of this club. The admins have all the rights to modify this club in whatever way they desire. Members who have a personal stake in this club and wish to join the administration in order to shape the club as well may contact the creator.

Letter of application:
All students, wishing to apply are required to read the following sections in
order to ensure that you can enjoy your coming highschool life to the fullest.
It is also advised to read the FAQ thread beforehand.

Now with all this paperwork done:
Welcome to Shiroku✰Highschool!
A place for everyone wishing for an unique and different role-play experience.

Create your character here:
Then choose your school uniform here:
School Uniforms
And even create your own club:
School Clubs
Also for those who want to help:
Help as a club officer!

Current Event:
III. The "Game" Starts

Completed Events:

Current "Game" Theme

The bulletin board located within the school reads:

The "game" has begun...

EVENT Areas:
[Room RED]
[Room BLUE]---[Gathering Hall]---[Room YELLOW]
/ \
[Room GREEN] [Room PURPLE]

[GM Control Room]


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Club Discussion
[EVENT Area] ???
5 replies by murat_03 »»
3 hours ago
[Old School] Abandoned Classroom ( 1 2 3 )
100 replies by Rozenluxis »»
4 hours ago
[EVENT Area] Room RED
44 replies by Sho_the_Mage »»
4 hours ago
38 replies by TheAnimeAdmiral »»
5 hours ago
[School] Science Room
20 replies by Rozenluxis »»
6 hours ago

Club Comments
murat_03 | 7 hours ago
@rozen now if you please reveal the room i would be happy but you dont have to rush ı will study for a while and will post a couple of hours later.

murat_03 | 7 hours ago
@rozen okay i will make a little sun inside the room :] well after i see the room i will probably dispatch it because it is too much of a burden to shape fire

Rozenluxis | 7 hours ago
Yes, if you could brighten the room completely, I would be forced to reveal where Kasai is...

murat_03 | 7 hours ago
@rozen do i have to search the room in order to find that 'thing' or since i have brighten the room are you going to reveal something if you are thinking that a torch like fire is not enough to reveal the room i can use ny flame thrower and flame manipulation to brighten the room completly

404UserNotFound | 8 hours ago
Marcus, Aaron, Akashi, Natsumi, Fumiko and, the one who just arrived, Ace.

Wallabee | 8 hours ago
I thought Marcus and Akshi were inside the faculty room. Maybe Aaron too. Not sure about him. :O

404UserNotFound | 8 hours ago
I don't do subtle.
Are you talking about Ace? Cause he was made to be straightforward.

conman2163 | 8 hours ago
well your not subtle at all are you

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