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9 hours ago
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08-22-14, 5:17 PM
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06-28-14, 12:32 PM
Give an alias to the user above you
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Club Comments
Cyanwasserstoff | 3 hours ago
Okay, it could be , but the fact that there are many DDos attacks against anime website at the same time + the MAL case it is very strange.

Undim | 7 hours ago
Baring you give me further reason to believe so, I'm not convinced they are not related.

-Koyuki- | 9 hours ago
Yup. It was basically the same thing last year. Just a coincidence.

Cyanwasserstoff | 9 hours ago
A mod was been hacked or at least with a phishing site they got the password for the mod account.

Nothing more , nothing less.

But is it really a coincidence that this happened in the same time other anime based site were DDos attacked ?

-Koyuki- | 9 hours ago
MAL's prob was something it had in the past. Surprisingly, the security was never improved for a long time now. It doesn't have any connection from DDOs'd ones though.

They're too dumb to stop. I guess.

Cyanwasserstoff | 10 hours ago
The most of the attacks are based on DDos, but some like MAL are because of phishing .

I hope the group of attackers will stop that very soon.

-Koyuki- | 10 hours ago
Researched around a bit and it seems some Mass DDos stuff. Sounds lame.

Welp, managed to watch shows I need to watch at least.

And that is why people sucks!

Anyways, Hanayamaya ep strong in emotions as always!

Cyanwasserstoff | Today, 1:36 AM
@TsunLemonDere and @-Kyouki- It has nothing to do with anti-piracy act of Japan, but since a while a group of hacker does attack MAL, Horrible-Subs and some more.

Many anime based sites are attacked by them. The japanese government would never use illegal methods to do this kind of stuff, so that means it is a private group that is doing it.

I do not know why they are doing it, but it could be that they want to demonstrate how great they are without any benifit of it ...

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