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Sticky: The ultimate cute image thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
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07-20-14, 4:34 PM
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Club Comments
-Koyuki- | Yesterday, 12:12 PM
Yuri?? We'll see about that. PA Works doesn't seem like one that'd go for that stuff. If it's at least something as fun like Tari Tari I'm all good.

I did several times before. It's like having a save file corrupted and you have to go through stuff again. So boring lol

TsunLemonDere | Yesterday, 10:02 AM
and saved. Will definitely come in handy.

Same here, most of the time.

Ah, I see. Sadly my parents don't work, so I can't be that alone. ^^;;

Finally indeed. Please don't let it become one!! (Unless Yuri romance drama. Yuri is highly welcome)

It happens a lot, atleast be happy that it only happened for a short reply. I've had to re-write essay-long messages before because of being sidetracked. ^^;;

-Koyuki- | Yesterday, 9:27 AM
There you go

I'm more of anti-social than anything lol. Welp.

Like, my father goes at work and only comes at evening. So I get the house all by myself most of the day. Eating and sleeping at the right time I guess.

It looks promising. Finally something other than meh romance drama shows. inb4 it turns out to be one as well


I swear I typed all of this already. I probably got sidetracked big time and forgot to post. ・ワ・ ;;

TsunLemonDere | 08-19-14, 5:34 AM
....I really should save screenshots more often, seems handy.
*Input Naru blushing pic here*

If you're indecisive, kind, and dense; then you qualify as a harem protag! XP (I used to qualify, but then I changed into a pure-type person.)

What do you mean that's what it seems like? I mean, for me it seems that way too, since I'm always cooped up in my room.
What do you mean by disciplining yourself? *confused*

This PV

Don't think there's much reason for me to pretend on the internet, since many people seem to think I'm a girl just by being myself....
Seems like it was our destiny to become prey to the great moe race from the day we were born then. ^w^

-Koyuki- | 08-19-14, 2:28 AM
Well, for me it's not something I really "choose". I just listen to my corny as that may sound, that really is all I do to know what I love.

I couldn't resist!!
I guess I can qualify as a harem protagonist then lol
It seriously was. Think I'll give a Mario one a try one day tho. ^w^

I guess i'd say it wasn't so bad.

Oh, I see. For that my mom always breaks into my room and hands me the food, so I'd be more or less forced to eat. (can't resist food when it's right next to you.)

I more or less live alone (not really but that's how it looks pretty much), I should discipline myself more!

Well, it was a very forgettable Anime, so your forgetting is justified.
The PV looked quite cute, and I like the setting. Looking forward to it.

Which PV?

Everyone I talk to about this brings the VR card. XD Seriously better happen sometime in my life time. Definitely gonna become a cute girl!! (I've wanted to be a cute Anime girl before I even was into cute Anime girls, proven by how I always chose female characters on JRPGs, fighting games, etc., So it's a long-time dream for me to be one. ^^;;)

I guess that's inevitable to bring in the VR lol. Either that, or just pretend as one on the internet lol. Sounds intriguing. I also tend to choose female chars way back before getting into anime. Though not as often as I do nowadays. The power of cute is a driving force! It motivates me to play!

TsunLemonDere | 08-18-14, 12:45 PM
Those scenes were more than slight tho. =w=
Ya, the horrid waits begins again indeed. Even that last hour took forever to pass....
Good job, Koyuki!!

Indeed, more Machi is still needed tho. Loved her reaction to Tama hugging her. =w=

-Koyuki- | 08-18-14, 12:10 PM
Pretty strong feels indeed. Gotta love the slight tsundere scenes to lighten up the atmosphere.

Welp, there goes another looooong wait for the next ep.

managed to watch it less late this time!

Undim | 08-18-14, 12:03 PM
Finally some Machi.

lol @ trying to get Naru to say Fuck in the next episode preview.

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