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[OPEN] Emotion LE
45 replies by zoromilk »»
05-30-14, 4:37 PM
[OPEN] Evil LE
47 replies by zoromilk »»
05-30-14, 4:36 PM
[WINNER - OPEN] Dragneel Natsu
43 replies by zoromilk »»
05-30-14, 4:35 PM
Sticky: Newsletter Sign Up ( 1 2 )
58 replies by zoromilk »»
05-30-14, 4:34 PM
[INPLAY] Male vs Female Game Stand ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
550 replies by radioguy »»
01-22-12, 12:57 PM

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Fu-Panda | 11-29-13, 4:13 PM
Please affiliate ^^

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-Elly--chwan | 06-23-13, 3:35 AM
Wanna affiliate ??


Celilia | 04-03-13, 11:18 AM
Hi! Would you like to affiliate?


Berry_TM | 11-24-12, 12:29 PM
Hello everyoneeeee~ T_T
First of all, deep apologies /cough it completely shocked me to have gone on my MAL account and it said I haven't been on for around 2 years now omg hard to believe T_T
Anyway, no, sadly the club will not continue~ Well, it might if I decide to in the future, but as of now, it is not going to be open and active >< I deeply apologize again~! T_T
Also, I made a new account as many of you wouldn't have known xD Anyone who visited my profile in the past few days would know though which is probably no one. :3
If you still want to be my friend add my on my new account (on my profile) :3

Sorry + Thank you~
I miss you all D:~

Icis | 10-02-12, 7:59 PM
Would you like to affiliate with the Kawaii Neko Club?!


Bishie_Kaichou | 08-23-12, 9:37 PM
Would you like to Affiliate? :D

Atsu-Chan | 08-23-12, 10:51 AM
Wanna affiliate?


lisen | 07-17-12, 2:20 AM
would you like to affiliate?


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