Gintama is overrated

A club for those of us who know that Gintama isn't; has never been and never will be; the greatest anime of all time or even a candidate for that title.

Come on now, this is supposed to be the best anime ever made? It even admits itself that Naruto and One Piece are better.

The reasons for thinking this show is overrated may vary from member to member. Some might think it's good but far from a masterpiece and some might hate it from the bottom of their hearts. Whoever you are, if you can think of at least 30 titles that are better than Gintama, you're welcome here.

Also, this club only covers the anime. Since the manga don't seem to be equally popular. But you are of course free to bitch about the manga too.

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What's your opinion on Gintama?
5 replies by MachoGoose »»
06-26-13, 9:05 AM

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bergdoll | 10-13-12, 4:04 PM
Maybe. A little. Yeah, probably a little. Not in an insulting way though. Or maybe a little... Meh. Whatever. I'm pretty sure everyone in here knows how MAL's rating system works. Right Butler and Battler? Lol, just came up with an awesome new title for the club: Bergdoll's Butler Battlers against Bizarrely Overrated Gintama! BBBBOG for short.

Yes. I'm tired.

MachoGoose | 10-12-12, 8:02 PM
Well, not trying to be rude, but it's kind of annoying how an anime managed to get to number 1 by just having a huge fanbase almost instantly assuming it's going to be the most awesome anime on the face of the planet. That's how I see it, please don't throw anything at me.

Carlos-Sakata | 10-12-12, 3:16 AM
Are you laughing at me?

bergdoll | 10-11-12, 7:11 AM
I find nothing to disagree with in the previous comment. THE END!

Carlos-Sakata | 10-11-12, 3:40 AM
People score the series with his judgement, and then myanimelist makes an average of all scores. If Gintama is the first, is because people voted with the highest score. THE END.

NaruhodouBattler | 10-09-12, 3:31 PM
It's better to be 8.3 or less...

bergdoll | 10-08-12, 4:32 PM
Yay, new members! :D

Anyway, most fans just gave it the same score as previous seasons and thus the ranking. Oh and it won't go down anytime soon (unless troll accounts spam 1/10) due to the length- and double sequel boost.

MachoGoose | 10-07-12, 11:39 AM
Hello there everyone, new member. Hey, did anyone see the rating of Gintama 2012 so far with only one episode out? It's ranked #1 with a 9.29 rating....with ONE....F*CKING....EPISODE OUT!!!!! I'm sorry, I don't hate the anime itself, infact I'd go as far as to say I did indeed enjoy the original Gintama anime along with the Benizakura movie, but good god it's overrated as hell to have a ranking of #1 already....that literally means the ONE episode that's out is better than every other anime out there....

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