Club for players of the game "Audiosurf". Download the game demo on Steam, or the full version for $10.

The game allows you to make a 'level' out of any music track you like, so you have literally an infinate amount of levels to play, as long as you dont run out of songs to convert.

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Challenge Songs
5 replies by Rubba »»
04-02-09, 4:47 PM
High Scores
9 replies by EternalSolar »»
10-18-08, 5:24 PM

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BlueBreeze | 04-22-11, 5:54 PM
you guys should try out osu! and join my club :)

Wiresetc | 05-12-10, 1:19 AM
Can't stop playing this game
Still need some friends so add me if you want to:
I'm Wiresetc2

MoMo-Da-Gr8 | 02-08-09, 1:25 PM
I got the game last night and played untill 6am. Its so addicting!

De-JaY | 01-15-09, 11:46 AM
Hey there. Just got the game today. It's awesome. :D

Cziczaki | 12-23-08, 1:47 PM
Audiosurf is the best music game on the world! |)

EternalSolar | 10-18-08, 4:57 PM
Who! Audiosurf, i am a major fan and player, great to meet you all <bows> I'm hope to see you all about on Audiosurf :D

The_Norb | 08-31-08, 11:06 PM
Hah! I was just about to make a thread and see if there were any audiosurfer members here. Anyone still out there, I see this hasn't been active for awhile.

Sound off if you're still around!

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