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Stamp #33
Sunset LE
Summer LE
Bakuman AE
One Piece AE
Shokugeki no Souma AE

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Club Discussion
Sticky: [OPEN] Sunset LE
littleally28 - Jun 12
44 replies by Ethcaria »»
Yesterday, 4:06 AM
Sticky: [OPEN] Bakuman AE
littleally28 - Jun 12
35 replies by Rei »»
Jun 23, 4:50 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] One Piece AE
littleally28 - Jun 12
35 replies by Rei »»
Jun 23, 4:48 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] Shokugeki no Souma AE
littleally28 - Jun 20
35 replies by Rei »»
Jun 23, 4:47 PM
[Game] Watch or Drop? ( 1 2 )
Rei - Dec 28, 2015
62 replies by Kunii »»
Jun 23, 4:44 PM

Club Comments
Elephantom | Jun 23, 1:53 PM
Anyone please recommend me at least 10 anime which aren't on my list? That would be much appreciated <3

Maze | Jun 22, 4:40 AM

Elephantom | Jun 22, 4:38 AM
@Maze Thank you so much ^_^

Maze | Jun 21, 7:34 PM
@Elephantom well for your first time, I think it's pretty nice though ^^ I know the feeling with finding good photos orz keep up the good work & keep practicing :D

Elephantom | Jun 21, 9:32 AM
Thank you :) Yes I know about the photo at the top being too strecthed, couldn't find a good photo that length and thin xD And yes, it is my first time doing it :)

Maze | Jun 21, 8:19 AM
@Elephantom it looks nice ^^ though the only thing bothering me is the photo above, it's too stretched. But it's okay~ Is it your first time doing it? :)

Maze | Jun 21, 7:48 AM
Oh damn Halsey's Castle is featured ♥ nice :3

Elephantom | Jun 21, 7:47 AM
Hey everyone. I would appreciate it if you would look at my new profile and give me feedback, thank you <3 ^_^

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Created: Jul 8, 2011

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