My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a 2010 reboot of the classic 1980s My Little Pony franchise developed by Lauren Faust (PowerPuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends). It has gained an enormous following as of February 2011 when posts on 4chan's popular imageboard /co/ reached over 6,000 posts a day discussing the cartoon series. Yada yada there's even /mlp/ now.

A large amount of the following to the series is aged 16 - 24 and is surprisingly (or not) male.

The show is praised for it's smooth animation, hilarious insert songs, enjoyable cast, and witty writing.

The television series began airing on The Hub in October 2010, and will run 26 episodes. As of September 17th 2011, a second recently finished airing. A third season aired Fall 2012. A fourth season is airing now.

Please use this club to discuss MLP:FiM and feel free to post videos, images, etc.

My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic only.

Invite all fellow bronies, fillys, colts, etc!

Make sure to respect everypony and everypony's opinions
Share kindness (it's an easy feat)
No yiffing, please
Rarity is the best pony

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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games
ElOriginalTZ - Sep 27
0 replies by ElOriginalTZ »»
Sep 27, 1:36 AM
Season 5(Here be spoiler)
Animewolfguy - May 28, 2014
43 replies by orp »»
Sep 4, 6:06 AM
Favorite pony? ( 1 2 3 )
Kuyu - Apr 19, 2011
109 replies by PINKisJUSTaCOLOR »»
Aug 30, 2:34 PM
MLP: Season 5 - Episode 1&2 - "Cutie Map pt.1&2"
ElOriginalTZ - Apr 4
3 replies by MizoreFan1 »»
Apr 5, 11:17 AM
Equestria LA
konatafangrl - Jan 21
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Jan 21, 12:30 AM

Club Comments
Animewolfguy | 14 minutes ago
MLP friends forever 16 is garbage.

Animewolfguy | 5 hours ago
Change is not something that many shows could master. But however its neccesary because when they don't it will get boring over time. Granted that there are shows that do well without changes and I can name a few examples but even then, they did do a little change up when needed. Ed Edd and Eddy was a good example of a long running comedy that had a lot to work with on a single idea.

ElOriginalTZ | 6 hours ago
There are some episodes in some seasons that are enjoyable in some episodes in others that aren't. I'm not good with ranking or reviewing. So to me each season has its pros and cons.

orp | 6 hours ago
Animewolfguy said:
Season 1 is always weakest because of how safe it is

Funny, that's how I feel about the rest of the series. I miss FiM where severing a friendship might be the correct answer, and little kid could stumble across lifeless bodies of main characters.

Animewolfguy | 7 hours ago
Steak: I can see. To me Season 1 is always weakest because of how safe it is with the few standouts I mention in the video despite most of them being hated from the community.

SteakForLuLu | 7 hours ago

SteakForLuLu | 7 hours ago
That explains everything

2 > 1 > 4 > 5 > 3
about the same as orps
I just enjoy the episodes from season 2 much more than 1.
1 and 2 was MLP in it's prime. Especially the dialogue in general.

orp | Today, 3:27 AM

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