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What was the first Anime or Manga you cried in?
6 replies by matisayu »»
09-26-13, 6:04 PM
Tell us about yourselves? Anata Dare?
5 replies by naruhina4ever101 »»
05-02-11, 11:02 PM
Japan EarthQuake-Tsunami Disaster
0 replies by MonjaElisa »»
03-15-11, 11:10 PM
Poll: What is your taste in Anime?
1 replies by Subira »»
02-13-11, 3:40 AM

Club Comments
MonjaElisa | 06-14-12, 1:42 PM
Konnichiwa KingSaber..
That I guess what you really want is a anime with sadness involved without really ending such. If this is what you truly is requesting to watch you should watch the following from the list...... Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, Kaitou Saint Tail, Mermaid Melody and Ashita No Nadja. <3

Really amazing animes.. Great tearjerkers and they all have really pleasing endings..Hope this helped.

KingSaber | 06-12-12, 8:56 AM
which anime movie/series do you recommend?
I'm looking for something that makes you cry (not about death) but has a really happy ending (something that you cant stop smiling after you watch it.

MonjaElisa | 06-28-11, 7:47 PM
Konnichiwa rjmantilla. :)
No don't worry about it.. Sure, I'll go right ahead and add it to the list.. Thank you for the contribution Rjmantilla-San..
And sorry about the delayed answer..
I'll credit you in the news for the submission.. Thanks again :D

rjmantilla | 06-23-11, 9:24 PM
Hi there.... Sorry to bother you guys... but I was wonfdering... could we include Saikano in the list of sad animes.... I mean it was really one of the first animes that made my cry.... and it's awfuly sad.... So I was wondering if you could include it in this list

MonjaElisa | 06-04-11, 9:15 PM
Well, The reason is pretty Simple.. I Have yet to have seen One Piece and until now no members have submitted One Piece as a tearful anime.. But Thanks for submitting.. I'll add OnePiece to the list then.. Same for Toriko.. Adding it.. Thanks again..

TH-Chen | 06-03-11, 3:40 PM
what about one piece (it made me cry very late in the serie)
and Toriko ep 8 and 9
they made me cry so if i may ask why are they not on the list?

MonjaElisa | 02-11-11, 9:44 PM
Welcome to Otaku's Tears the official MAL Club for people who like Animes as sad to the point of Your crying. Have fun, Write in the forum, Comment and Enjoy the animes on our sad list..
Also Feel free to wish for one to be added if you know of a anime or manga that should be on the list that you can't seem to find.. <3

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