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Phantom Lord Arc

Levy, along with the rest of her Shadow Gear Team Jet and Droy, were attacked and pinned to a tree by Gajeel (then a member of Phantom Lord Guild). This incident triggered the fight between the Fairy Tail Guild and Phantom Lord Guild

Fighting Festival Arc

Gajeel has joined Fairy Tail. Like alot of the other members of Fairy Tail, Jet and Droy still felt upset about what he had done. Levy said she had put it behind her but still felt scared around himl. When Jet and Droy wanted to "settle things" with him in private, he didn't fight back even though Levy was trying to stop it. When Laxus, himself, started fighting him and Levy tried to tell him to stop, it was Gajeel that protected her from his attack against her.

Later, after Levy and the rest of the Miss Fairy Tail contestants were turned back to normal, Levy help Gajeel and Natsu get out off the rune trap using her solid script & ancient language skills. Gajeel was impressed by this.

S-Class Trail Arc

Levy plus 7 others were chosen to take the S-Class Advancement Exams. Each of the 8 examees were to take a partner with them. Gajeel volunteered to be her partner saying "He will make her bigger"

During the first part of the exam, Levy used her solid script skills to help Gajeel and her self get of the boat. When they got to the island, they happen to chose the path that allowed them to neither fight with another team or one of the 3 current S-class mages. Gajeel wasn't happy because he wanted to fight someone.

For the second part of the exam, Gajeel was complaining about the exam and Levy was starting to complain about him. She wanted to know why he never "looked at her" and he told her if he wants his attention she'd have to fight seriously with him and get stronger. She gets upset and runs away. She later gets attacked by two guys from Dark Guild Gillimore Heart. Just when she was near death, Gajeel saves her. He tells her "It's hard finding someone so small" and to never leave his side. They battle the duo shortly before Gajeel tells Levy to find the others to let them know a war is about to start between the two guilds. She leaves giving Gajeel a "treat" (an Iron sign with a hear in the middle of the "O"). Gajeel fights the two guys solo and eventually wins but not without some injuries of his own. Levy returns with Erza and Juvia. Levy sees him injured and assists him back to the camp. Levy, Gajeel, and the rest of Fairy Tail eventually defeats Gilimore Heart but soon found themselves against the dragon Acnologia. They were no match and it destroyed Tenrou Island leaving no traces of anyone alive.

X791 Arc & Grand Magic Games Arc

7 years after the events of the S-Class Trail, Levy, Gajeel, and the rest of the members that were on Tenrou Island have made their return. Seeing the way Fairy Tail has turned out since they left they decide to participate in the Grand Magic Games to become #1 in Fiore again. During the months leading up to the games, the members train. Levy was upset that Gajeel didn't let her join in the training with him and Pantherlily. The GMG finally arrives and it is revealed that Gajeel is apart of the second Fairy Tail team to make it into the tournament. During the fights involving Gajeel, Levy always seem to have concern for him.

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How do you feel about this pairing?
1 replies by marwtak »»
07-18-13, 1:21 PM

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envy101fmaxD | 07-18-13, 1:08 PM
love those 2 2gether

CrazyMeganeChan | 07-16-13, 8:15 PM
Been doing up updating (well just adding pictures) lol

AS_anime_watcher | 02-22-13, 11:15 PM
I have some updating to do I see lol

AS_anime_watcher | 02-22-13, 10:46 PM
Yes I loved it too >_<

TeruCake | 02-15-13, 11:22 AM
I love the cover of chapter 319! Gale <33

AS_anime_watcher | 11-29-10, 6:28 PM
I liked the chapter 213 cover of the two of them. <333

Saku_Chan | 11-16-10, 8:42 PM
Mou~ <333

AlanViBritannia | 11-14-10, 4:44 AM
:) When you make Userbar for this club, AS, inform me so I can put it into Gajeel club's relations. :)

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