MAL's Monthly Character Contest.

Do you think there is a certain character that you know that It's a fan favorite right now? Do you think that they can surely win everywhere in the world?

We are competing to see who is surely the best out of the rest!

Okay. So It's Monthly, why? Since there are new animes, and those current ones, there are new favorites or there are those who we don't trust anymore. 4 weeks. Week 1 is to nominate characters. At 2nd week we begin round 1 (2 matches each day.). At week 2, we start round 2 (1 match per day). We try to finish up at week 3 & 4. Winners will be announced before the month ends. the first 2 weeks will be 2 days longer. So that means week 4 is gonna be shorter. Once a character wins, they can't enter the contest until a year passes. Any type of character is allowed to be in the contest (even Yamada the epic rock ;D). And yes, this is worth voting for.

Since it's just started, the first contest will be for February and March, so more characters can be entered. ;D

32 enteries are entered. Only one can truly be called the best.

Click HERE to see the matches of Round 1. Click HERE For matches for Round 2.

Please invite friends to join. Even if they vote when contest starts.

As you see, we have no club picture. If you wanna upload one for the club, that would be awesome.

L (Death Note), Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu), Light (Death Note), and after this month's contest, Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) are not allowed to be in this contest. Why if you look in "top favorite" - "characters" You will see they have over 1000 votes on MAL. That wont be fair and we can surely know who will win. -.-

On Tueday, The contest will begin with Fuko Ibuki vs. Hatsune Miku Clannad Battle! Kyou vs. Kotomi!. The round will end at midnight (central time). It takes 39 days. Exactly 1 extra day for anything random. ;D Remember that you can only vote for 1 of them. In a normal month, it takes 23 days. Info about contest is here.

Mass Messaging has been announced to be allowed, but they have to join this club to post in our club's forums. And please, only 1 Mass PM per character per month. This is Monthly, not annual. So please don't die if a character loses the contest on March, they have May to enter again. Mass Commenting and Mass posting is allowed.

Nominations for the April 2008 contest are coming soon! Look in HERE for Future updates.

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Club Discussion
Nominations for April 2008 contest. ( 1 2 )
30 replies by xelloss »»
04-11-09, 3:43 AM
Match 4 ( 1 2 3 )
56 replies by chrissy12 »»
09-12-08, 6:31 PM
Match 5 ( 1 2 3 )
56 replies by chrissy12 »»
08-20-08, 1:33 PM
Match 6 ( 1 2 3 4 )
64 replies by chiboula »»
08-18-08, 11:11 AM
Match 3 ( 1 2 3 )
51 replies by FrostImperium »»
03-07-08, 12:18 AM

Club Comments
RV29 | 07-28-10, 9:34 AM
It'll be active when people start being more active =w=.

Ibuki-Daisuke | 08-18-08, 8:44 AM
well i want this club to get active for no apparent reason!
yay for shixa pie =D
yes shut up ¬.¬

Crazyz | 04-22-08, 3:38 PM
Well, I'm outa this club >_<... I'm cutting back on clubs. Cya Mao and all.

Crazyz | 04-18-08, 9:04 PM
Not really.

Maora | 04-18-08, 7:43 PM
you want me to bring t back to life? :O

Crazyz | 04-18-08, 7:39 PM
O_o? Yes she is lol. Mao, this contest was fun too T_T.

Sabaa | 04-18-08, 7:37 PM
I've been wondering.. Maora.. your Mao-Pyon right?

Maora | 04-18-08, 7:32 PM

eveer since MM problems, i cared less .... DD:

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