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* Be active! XD We wanna help as many people as we can!

* Anyone can do a Request! [ You dont have to be a Admin or
Officer to do it!!]

* When you go to do a Request or to say you want one PLEASE read the instructions first! So you know what to do!

* When you do a Request please say that your going to do it and when your done send a message to Kirihara or one of the Admin/Officers saying you've finished the job! And we'll delete the post./OR you can quote the request and said 'Done' or 'Complete.' If your a Admin or Officer and have completed a request just delete the post afterwards ^^

* If you post something that's unrelated to the topic then it will be deleted >.< .... this is to help lesson the confusion ^^'

* NEW Layout! XD - Thanks to Anime-luv336

* If you wanna be an Admin or Officer message Kirihara (or comment on Profile)

* We NEED Layout Makers! XD If you know any Invite them! (and your friends! haha)

* We Now Have 200+ Membercards!!! xDD Click on the link to Get one :)

The winner of the banner contest is banner #10 with 175 points

!!!!Congratulations !!!!!

Here are the rest of the top 10 banners
thanks for participating^^

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Banner by FullmetalPHX

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Sticky: 200+ Membercards! Come n Get em! (OPEN) ( 1 2 3 )
113 replies by Ina-twan »»
05-05-13, 11:27 PM
Sticky: Banner Requests~
5 replies by xFangero »»
03-03-13, 5:05 PM
~Forum Signature Requests~ :3
35 replies by xFangero »»
03-03-13, 5:02 PM
Sticky: Profile Layout Requests~
42 replies by Sibby »»
12-30-12, 2:01 PM
Profile Pictures
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09-16-12, 1:54 AM

Club Comments
HazelHere | 01-19-13, 6:30 PM
Hello There!! :) Umm...Your banners look really good! Could you perhaps make a banner for our new group? PM me for details! Arigtaou ^__^

Kaito_Dragneel | 03-08-12, 6:20 AM
hi,i am new here ^_^

VioLink | 12-14-11, 6:34 PM

kana-tan | 12-14-11, 6:17 PM
download slices here:

kana-tan | 12-14-11, 6:13 PM
let me slice it then

VioLink | 12-14-11, 6:06 PM
.................It's F***ing PERFECT I LoVE YOU!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

kana-tan | 12-14-11, 6:01 PM
is this fine?

imperlast | 12-12-11, 10:52 PM
@Vio: you shoudl know im not shure about kna but iv done request hea back when i used to edit alot.

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