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Is Tenkai Knights really by Bones?
4 replies by GlassShadow »»
10-07-13, 2:05 AM
Space Dandy Music Video
1 replies by Eka »»
10-05-13, 8:40 PM
why does everyone think NO.6 is a yaoi
8 replies by cyclone1993 »»
10-05-13, 5:40 PM
Space Dandy PV Released
6 replies by Eka »»
10-05-13, 9:21 AM
Poll: which bones serise had the best animation(based on the time i came out)
12 replies by sakurachann »»
12-08-12, 1:31 PM

Club Comments
JizzyHitler | 41 seconds ago
im kind of surprised you missed all the hate train for captain earth, its pretty damn noticeable in most places especially here and 4chan

cyclone1993 | 5 hours ago
I feel like its stuff that could probably be fixed in the home release and most likely will be. I didn't notice too much in being choppy, I just noticed how the characters kept looking different at different angles xD

GlassShadow | 5 hours ago
Wow...that was probably Bones at its worst moment in animation. Gosh, it was choppy. But yeah, the episode itself is alright.

cyclone1993 | 7 hours ago
Also the plot has kicked in earlier than I thought in SEN! While the characters seemed off model a bit, this was easily the best episode of the show so far!

cyclone1993 | 8 hours ago
I've only seen one person who didn't like Captain Earth, and when I asked what about it he didn't like, he couldn't give me an answer. So I just kind of ignored him. But besides that incident, I've not really seen anyone complaining about it yet.

I haven't really even seen any flaws in it yet, normally those sort of things you can't see until later on in the series, its a very strong show right now, in my opinion.

Also, I might be in the minority, but I don't find it confusing in the slightest. Is that something people are really having a hard time with? It might just be the way the series is structured like you said, not revealing all their cards from the get-go. I don't really know how to respond to those complaints, other than just keep watching it, I suppose.

GlassShadow | 10 hours ago
Well, I'm more or less referring to shows that confuse right out of the gate, shows like Xam'd or Captain Earth. The nonlinear stories you listed more or less play it straight in terms of the type of story it wants to be. You get a general sense of what's it's going to be about from the first few episodes. Manga sales sometimes don't reflect how well a show will do, Chihayafuru for example. I also don't remember Monster selling a lot of discs, but that's way back in the days. Of course, FMA is that exception, it's pretty much the monster on block.
But yeah, I just think the crowd just isn't as receptive as it used to be, they expect to know what they get themselves into and Captain Earth just doesn't keep it straight. Bones, more than Sunrise, loves techno-babble, a lot of politics and a pretty sizable cast. Shows like Eva and Rahxephon are just something of the past.

Personally....I love Eureka Seven Ao and I know I'm in the minority here. I can tell you half the people who trash it didn't even bother to figure out the plot. But that's exactly where things stand, as pessimistic as it sounds.

JizzyHitler | Yesterday, 3:04 PM
i mean i dont think the straightforword comment is necessarily true, some really non linear stories have been major successes both comerically and critically like monster, FMA, 20th century boys, and berserk(those are all among the top selling manga of all time just as a source). Yeah easy to watch stuff will be more popular for obvious reasons but

honestly captain earths generally negative reception is probably brought on by a combination of some of its admittibly exsistent flaws and impatience on the viewers part. Im really refraining from saying anything overall good or bad about it mainly cause we havent seen much of what it has to offer and its still just setting things up. I just am honestly annoyed by how overblown alot of hate for it is, i dont mean to say they cant dislike it but some of the reactions its getting seem downright absurd with comparisons to guilty crown and so forth, it honestly just feel like a huge part of impatience to me and it honestly bothers me greatly to see such a reaction for any show this early in its set up.

maybe the reception will improve as it goes on but thats just a hypothetical and that also does apply to the show having stuff warranting a positive reception.

GlassShadow | Yesterday, 2:23 PM
I think the modern viewers lack patience and they are cynical of things they can't wrap their heads around. If you take a look, you'd realize all the major commercial hits are straightforward plot wise (Shingeki no Kyojin for example). Bones shows never hold your hand but they are a trend of the past. I just hope lack of commercial appeal doesn't push Bones to a point where they have to compromise their ideals.

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