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Is Tenkai Knights really by Bones?
4 replies by GlassShadow »»
10-07-13, 2:05 AM
Space Dandy Music Video
1 replies by Eka »»
10-05-13, 8:40 PM
why does everyone think NO.6 is a yaoi
8 replies by cyclone1993 »»
10-05-13, 5:40 PM
Space Dandy PV Released
6 replies by Eka »»
10-05-13, 9:21 AM
Poll: which bones serise had the best animation(based on the time i came out)
12 replies by sakurachann »»
12-08-12, 1:31 PM

Club Comments
MajorZero | 15 minutes ago
I don't know what Bones trying to achieve with Soul Eater Not! Second episode feels like mix between Rosario + Vampire and K-On. Pants, bras, yuri-esque moments, what the hell is going on? Bones want to please every living thing on Earth or something?

cyclone1993 | Yesterday, 1:15 AM
I've just always been a sucker for fancy looking Victorian dresses, doesn't matter who's wearing them xD So that does add to my love of the show quite a bit. However, I also do like a lot of the trope you mentioned for some reason, I don't really know why! haha

As for the Space Dandy thing, I believe Toonami helped co-produce it, which is probably why they can do whatever they want. I could be wrong of course though!

MajorZero | Yesterday, 12:11 AM
I think the reason why Bones have so many freedom with Space Dandy is that it was probably financed mostly by non-japanese investors which don't give a flying duck about merchandise sales. Now, this is all speculation since I can't prove anything (unlike Gintama and JoJo for example), there are no western companies in the list of producers, but it was on CN before japanese broadcast, at least it's safe to assume they contacted with Bones much earlier on production stage.

GlassShadow | 04-14-14, 9:46 PM
Interview with Thomas Romain on Space Dandy!

"But the thing is, unlike our Satelight mecha shows where the main robots need to meet the expectations of the Japanese mecha lovers and toy makers, on Space Dandy we didn't have any of those constraints. I put all my efforts in to give the robot a funny and original aspect, rather than to make it a hit in figure sales."

That's kind of the problem with Sunrise's gundam franchise too – the designs have to meet Bandai's requirement. I'm happy to hear that things are pretty liberal at Bones. They can go crazy with the mech designs (Star Driver anyone? lol)

Eka | 04-14-14, 2:06 PM
See I'm not big by any means on gothic lolita - thats actually one of probably my least favorite concepts in anime. I've just never been drawn with the moe style, obsession with sweets, haughty air about the characters etc. - really the only one I'd even consider watching is Rozen Maiden, and even then I'm not jumping to watch it. I didn't like GOSICK very much because of Victorique's character (but I liked the story later on - with her mother and all. Interesting stuff) But Chaika seems very different to me... like yes, there's an element of gothic lolita to her because she looks young and wears fancy gothic-esque clothes. But... I dunno. She seems very smart, and not really pandering to the stereotypical gothic lolita character. I was just surprised how much I liked episode 1. But its definitely going down in rating if they have more sexually-implied fanservice shots like when the bread spattered over her. The action itself was funny (trying to heat the bread with her gun); her pose after the explosion was n-o-t.

Gonna watch ep2 of CE today. Hoping I can be more convinced of the plot by ep2 (especially since the character with my favorite design is being introduced - orange hair gal).

JizzyHitler | 04-14-14, 9:18 AM
just watched ep 2 of CE, this is definitely the series im keeping a close eye on, it has alot of potential for me and so far has been setting up alot of things i really like such as a military setting, sci fi, possible romance, corruption, and a nice mix of the serious and light hearted

I hope im not building it up too much in my head but im expecting it to get more serious as it goes on like how rahXephon had a pretty carefree first half with some scattered moments of darker themes then takes a nosedive of tragedy after episode 12, of course i doubt this series would get darker than rahXephon ever would.

Also its looking like one of my worries may be getting put to rest by the op and this episode, its looking alot like there will NOT be a love triangle

GlassShadow | 04-13-14, 8:42 PM
I think Bones is already one of the most racial-friendly studios in Japan. They aren't nearly as xenophobic. I love racial diversity, like in Cowboy Bebop.

cyclone1993 | 04-13-14, 8:16 PM
I think part of the reason why E7 was so different in that regard was because it took place in the distant future, where Japan as an entity didn't even exist. Since Captain Earth is set in the modern day, in Japan we probably won't get many different races...

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