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Welcome to the Aria Fanclub.
Primarily a fanclub dedicated to the series Aria in its various forms, now expanded to envelope all the works of Amano Kozue, in particular her new work Amanchu!.

So, Come join us in our discussions and subject yourself to cutting double entendre the likes of which you could only find in a preschool.

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Scanlations of both Aria and Amanchu are being delivered by ACS. Click banner for website and downloads :v


Thanks to Marina27.

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Can you look at Akari the same way again after reading this?
FynbelleSinclair - Apr 8, 2012
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aria - favourite episode
kmiko - Oct 15, 2007
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Poll: favourite season?
sugarplumfairy - May 5, 2008
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Poll: Favorite Undine? ( 1 2 3 4 )
Lunaria - Feb 6, 2008
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ARIA-inspired trips to Venice
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Jan 17, 2015 3:19 AM

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Club Comments
mecharobot | Jan 13, 9:24 PM
I just watched the patched ep myself.

Akira didn't seem all too convincing with the softer style used here. Still nice, but I think I just experienced a 15 mins reminder of a time long gone.

chaosflame5 | Jan 12, 9:22 AM
Kissanime has ep 1 alright. It's way too short :/ Reminds me of the 2010 OVA eps of Tamayura series. Now waiting for ep 2 to be subbed....*curling up in a ball and stays in a dark corner*

Solais | Jan 12, 8:26 AM
BR set of Animation is up, and apparently there are already subs out there for Avvenire ep1. Now it only needs someone somehow remaking the subs for this version.

Fake edit: Actually, I do have soft-subs for all episodes, but Arietta, as back in the olden days, I made the shitty Hungarian subs for Animation, and wanted to do the rest. Maybe these can be reapplied, though I don't know all the sources for these subs...

Faust721 | Jan 3, 1:12 AM
I didn't go to Comiket Day 3 so I didn't get to see all the Aria doujins. Bought these today. Probably more I missed out on.

Solais | Jan 1, 11:27 AM
I really do hope someone will put up and subs the BR version of Animation. Especially the sub I need.

Fox | Dec 31, 2015 5:35 PM
But thats the distant future :'(
We'll all be cyborgs by then.

RefractingOne | Dec 31, 2015 1:29 PM
Natural's Blu-Ray drops March 23rd, though we'll probably get the fansub a couple days after.

Fox | Dec 31, 2015 12:41 PM
Well, that was nice~
How long before the next dvd set is out and we can get ep 2? :(
Also I hope someone will be putting up the bluray versions of Animation~

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