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Welcome to the Aria Fanclub.
Primarily a fanclub dedicated to the series Aria in its various forms, now expanded to envelope all the works of Amano Kozue, in particular her new work Amanchu!.

So, Come join us in our discussions and subject yourself to cutting double entendre the likes of which you could only find in a preschool.

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Aria and Amanchu danbooru-esque imageboards.

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Thanks to Marina27.

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aria - favourite episode ( 1 2 )
37 replies by mecharobot »»
02-18-14, 7:24 AM
Poll: Favorite Undine? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
180 replies by Micchi91 »»
11-20-13, 1:11 PM
ARIA-inspired trips to Venice
11 replies by Ramen »»
10-12-13, 10:20 AM
Poll: favourite season? ( 1 2 3 )
48 replies by Robin6128 »»
09-01-13, 12:13 PM
My Aquamarine, My Distant Blue: a Tribute to Mizunashi Akari
0 replies by reimadara »»
06-18-13, 10:23 AM

Club Comments
Ramen | 05-26-14, 3:17 PM
Happy birthday to the wonderful Amano-sama~

hsuzumiya | 05-26-14, 3:11 PM
Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Amano-sensei!

Kunagi7 | 05-26-14, 3:06 PM
Happy birthday to the great Amano Kozue :)!

Scrotal_Canopy | 05-26-14, 1:41 PM
Happy birthday, dear Amano.

Sora_92 | 05-26-14, 10:49 AM
Happy Birthday to Amano Kozue Sensei!

Solais | 05-18-14, 1:25 PM
Would be great seeing some of those chapters from the manga. I think, about 3 OVA episodes would work, covering Epiphany, the Seven Wonders and maybe one more.

As for more ARIA content, there are the drama cds, and the whole giant of ARIA the STATION, that can be its own season. If only we had some English transliterations of those...

X10A_Freedom | 04-26-14, 6:25 AM
I actually like that obese cat. Also, epiphany chapter is my fav in the manga.

jacobpaige | 02-17-14, 9:07 PM
Space Brothers is very faithful. I can't remember anything in the manga that wasn't in the series. Though honestly, I sometimes alternate between the two depending on whether I feel like watching or reading a particular section, so I may have missed any differences that cropped up.

But more on topic, I think we already got the best adaptation we'll get for Aria. The only thing that could make me love it more is if they found a way to remove Aria-sachou from the series, but I don't think they could do it without completely re-writing everything and possibly destroying the series, and it definitely wouldn't be a faithful adaptation then ;)

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