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Discussion on "Go Go Princess Precure"
Rayla - Jul 22, 2015
17 replies by IceDragoness »»
Feb 3, 4:21 AM
Will you guys be watching the Glitter Force anime?
Rayla - Dec 18, 2015
12 replies by Cure-Shadow »»
Jan 22, 8:43 AM
Your Thoughts On season 11, Happiness Charge Precure?
The39Clues - Sep 5, 2015
3 replies by Ventris »»
Sep 23, 2015 10:46 PM
Sticky: Poll: Favorite Cure
Lobke - Apr 29, 2015
14 replies by Firechick12012 »»
Aug 29, 2015 9:16 AM
Sticky: Poll: Favorite Season
Lobke - Apr 30, 2015
5 replies by Firechick12012 »»
Aug 29, 2015 9:12 AM

Club Comments
dummyacct7 | 4 hours ago
Haha, that is quite the feat =P
Sad thing is that I liked Regina, and I'm generally a Kugyuu fan, so there's every reason I should like her, but even so they managed to screw up on both counts. It's kind of impressive, in its own, twisted way.

Oiacz | 4 hours ago
@DreamingBeats Well, yeah, but I didn't expect to like so much a character that was supposed to be an enemy haha

@dummyacct7 Regina and that tsun(Rie)dere were annoyingly annoying. I don't know how I came to like Precure with DokiDoki being my first one haah

DreamingBeats | 4 hours ago
ah, i hoped to see more Regina, but nope.
they lost so much potential there...

also, i loved how they chose their names in Splash Star. everything, even the character names, was well thought-out.

dummyacct7 | 4 hours ago
Michiru & Kaoru <3. Enjoy watching the character arc that DokiDoki tried to copy with Regina, but screwed up in a lot of ways because incompetence.

DreamingBeats | 4 hours ago
liking the characters in Splash Stars? i think that's very normal, it's a good precure series.

Oiacz | 5 hours ago
I'm watching Splash Star and... ~15 episodes~, I started to like Kaoru. Now at episode 23 I like her even more.
Is that normal?

dummyacct7 | 8 hours ago
Haru no Carnival wasn't a musical; it was a collage of inferior versions of the dances from past seasons (with admittedly some cute/sweet montages cut in, totalling maybe about 2 minutes of run time between them all), followed by some (really) bad 90's-style Disney knockoff crap, then maybe about half a sub-par episode of something. Staring at a wall really would be a significant improvement over a good portion of that, "movie". Say what you want about DokiDoki having issues, at least I don't feel the need to put quotes around its status as a show.

The new movie claims to actually be a musical, with someone actually writing new songs for it and stuff. It's a heck of a stretch from everything prior to it, but hey, I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised if they have what it takes... Though even if it turns out badly, at least they'll have tried doing something this time.

Ventris | 10 hours ago
If you go to youtube and watch all the ED videos back to back and then stare at a wall for 30 minutes, you'll have almost the same experience as you'd have with the last All Stars movie. In fact, it would propably be a better one.

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