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Discussion on the latest Pretty Cure season "Go Go Princess Precure"
Rayla - Jul 22
2 replies by Rayla »»
Jul 27, 2:57 PM
Sticky: Poll: Favorite Cure
Lobke - Apr 29
13 replies by IceDragoness »»
Jun 12, 2:45 PM
Sticky: Poll: Favorite Season
Lobke - Apr 30
4 replies by dummyacct7 »»
May 29, 2:56 AM

Club Comments
DreamingBeats | Yesterday, 11:24 AM
*nicely - keyboard lag

DreamingBeats | Yesterday, 11:23 AM
their ultimate attack in Fresh! remains one of my favorites =p
the final episodes were incely done too imo, and their attacks are so catchy~

CureCloud | Yesterday, 9:18 AM
Glad to hear you liked it. It's definitely my #2, at least.

mecharobot | Yesterday, 7:44 AM
Just finished Fureshu. It's a little rough around the edges, but I think it is a top3 precure season for me. I really enjoyed the team here and the recurring villains weren't actually too bad either. I like how they were often just chilling around before turning random shit into monsters.

morshuwarrior | Aug 2, 12:57 PM
I'd rather have the miracle lights back. Haru no Carnival was bad. Not "so-bad-it's-good" or anything like that, just plain bad. I liked a few parts later on in the movie, but it wasn't worth sitting through.

ihateeveryone | Aug 2, 3:03 AM
No more miracle lights or happiness or joy

SeibaaHomu | Aug 2, 2:36 AM
Wait, no more Miracle Lights? That actually makes me sad.

ihateeveryone | Aug 1, 7:24 PM
No, it is absolutely a complete disaster.

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