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11-26-14, 9:19 PM
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11-17-14, 11:00 PM
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11-15-14, 9:06 PM
Poll: Favourite movie
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06-30-14, 12:26 PM
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02-07-14, 9:56 PM

Club Comments
minimiau | 9 hours ago
Nice first trailer of the new precure series. I like it. The desing of the character reminds me of the Ojamajo doremi designs and a little of Heartcatch.

I hope that the new series will be as good or as better as HaCha

mecharobot | Yesterday, 11:02 PM
I like cute, fun and fluffy but I think to achieve that there needs to be some degree of obstacles, mundane or not, to achieve that. Obstacles that the characters will triumph by creating bonds, introspection, learning and success etc. In other words, basics of SoL and coming of age. I don't really watch magical girl shows just because they have frilly clothes and kick evils ass and am happy with shows that highlight the sense of growth and community (like in Ojamajo Doremi, which I'm liking more and more each day).

ihateeveryone | Yesterday, 10:53 PM
Cure Flora looks way too precious man ;____;

Choy | Yesterday, 10:41 PM
Man, do I dig the new Cures' look, specially Cure Twinkle.

The designs look a bit like Suite's. The faces, the eyes, the hair.

animedude1287 | Yesterday, 10:28 PM
Well lot's of Precure news has come up.

First we have not reached 560 members and are group page has finally been fixed. So everything looks nice.

As for the dorm life for the new Precures, I like it. Mostly just because it hasn't been done before in Precure. I'm not sure what they're going to do with this location or how the show will look, but it's at least a new idea. So I can't wait to see what they'll do with this new area.

Also I found a preview for the next season and movie clip.


Dalek-baka | Yesterday, 9:31 AM
and one more - this time trailer of next movie - if this is transformation of the pink one, I like it... I don't think I'll become fan of blue one (or rather will take some time to get used to her hair).

I agree you on those descriptions - that being said I do like PriPara most, than there is Aikatsu and at the end PR (I'm at episode 10 so this might change): I'm not fan of drama, competitiveness or too much thinking in my cartoons. Being cute, fun and fluffy is all I need.

YoukaiBlaster1 | Yesterday, 12:51 AM
@Dalek baka
Since when aikatsu had something going on?Seriously, aikatsu is almost totally focused on the idols slice of life,all the cups till now were totally friendly,the girls weren't competitive,and if someone out there watches aikatsu for other reason than the slice of life,this person is doing something wrong,on the other hand, Pretty rhythm is the total opposite,which is very cool too.
BUT...Pripara(new PR season) isn't going so well tho,the older seasons had edgy drama,awesome relationships etc...But pripara is being the same way as Aikatsu,PR:rainbow live was a show for the entire family,it has some very nice depth to it,while pripara is totally focused on childs,dunno why they've changed the series format so much(maybe because they want they toys to sell more),but it's kinda sad.

Dalek-baka | Yesterday, 12:32 AM
also Go! Princess Precure voice cast - nothing spectacular but seems fine.
and still no Norio Wakamoto as plushie :(

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