Noirus- The Black Citadel (under construction)


General Rules:

1) Read the general information about the families and races before creating your character.

2)Please use literate/semi-literate english in your RP posts. Mind your grammar and readability.
-Use quotation marks around dialog.
-Use full sentences and avoid excessive abbreviations.

3) Respect others and their rights to their own characters. People create characters for themselves to use. Don’t control or kill them off without their permission.

4) Keep it moderately clean. No obscenely vulgar language and/or sex.

Welcome to Noirus, a city founded by criminals, for criminals. Its an area where you wildest dreams can come true if you’re willing to put in a little hard work, sweat, tears, and break more than a few laws. The area is rich in technology as well as magic and a variety of combat/defensive capabilities are available to its citizens.

Currently Noirus houses the central bases of the world’s largest crime syndicates including the honorably yet cold hearted Kagurauta , the calculating Gavotte, and the young upstarts calling themselves the Dissonance. The city also houses a rather none effective police force that in many ways is just as corrupt as every other organization and many other smaller organizations that play their supporting role in the background.

Being that each family is always vying for the top position Noirus has always been in a state of civil unrest but recently the discovery of a set of ancient artifacts known as Kami's Last Testaments are causing tensions between the families to be worse than ever and the city is ready to explode into an all out war over the artifacts, which are said to grant the possessor great power and influence. Will the city be destroyed? Who will end up on top? Who will gain control over the artifacts?


Council of Elders- Position of Honor reserved for high ranking members of the main family
Main Family Members-craft users only

Shadow Branch Members
-Death Squad- only group of the Kagurauta family which will except Nulls on occasion if they show promising strength and abilities
1.Ruri Harada- ashuriskiss
2. Amaya Fuchida- HaremAllMighty
3.Lucas Sorel - Ipartynaked13

Dissonance- Accepts everyone.

Leader- Seitaro Harada-ashuriskiss

Gavotte-Hackers only

1.Ivan Blackwell-Abstract Calamity
2.Andrea Moretti- MarioBros777



Tento Group
1. praxis58 Akoya- YummyLunches

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Club Discussion
Lucente Manor
2 replies by ashuriskiss »»
04-18-11, 6:23 AM
Lunar Industries- Tento Group Research HQ
2 replies by ashuriskiss »»
04-14-11, 7:16 AM
Red Light District
1 replies by sheridan »»
03-28-11, 4:49 PM
Cappella Rosso-Gavotte Family Headquarters
8 replies by MarioBros777 »»
03-21-11, 1:53 AM
Millennium Park ( 1 2 3 4 )
62 replies by Obi-Chan »»
03-20-11, 6:01 PM

Club Comments
sheridan | 08-11-11, 3:38 PM
Echo~Echo *Sniffle*

ashuriskiss | 04-20-11, 11:14 AM
Clamp ^^

YummyLunches | 04-20-11, 10:23 AM

ashuriskiss | 04-20-11, 8:32 AM

YummyLunches | 04-19-11, 1:48 AM

ashuriskiss | 04-18-11, 1:08 PM
Blah I hate mondays. They just drag on and on. Though tuesdays all the new games come out on tuesdays so thats my kinda day.

YummyLunches | 04-15-11, 3:03 AM
Yeah, I kinda posted something so we can hopefully continue la. I guess by now everyone should have arrived there somehow.

YummyLunches | 04-14-11, 10:06 PM
I like that.

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