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Welcome to the official club representing our favorite cat; Piro! Piro, which is a shortage for meat bun in Russian, is a Siamese Cat. Even though Nayuki is allergic to cats, Piro has a home at Minase's. Makoto took her there and takes care of it. When Piro is around, it leaves a smile on your face... right?!

Nayuki loves to pet Piro, here's that funny scene in Kanon (2006)! Kawaii!!! ^-^

PiroPiroPiro!! Join now and let's make Piro famous (like he isn't already? =p)

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Natsumi- | 11-14-09, 12:08 AM
There's not enough topics..! Piro for life!

Sylpheed | 08-25-08, 4:43 AM
If you like Piro..Makoto should not be left behind.

Please join the revived Auu~ Makoto-ism club.

Sagi | 03-20-08, 1:22 PM
Good, good, haha =] I'll add it now

Kisuru | 03-15-08, 3:29 PM
Finally Piro is recgonized. =o

Mellie | 03-14-08, 2:49 PM
I merely joined to tell you that the most important character is missing from the character relations list: Piro.

Piro Piro~

-SeRg- | 03-02-08, 11:35 AM
Kawaii Piro Piro ;D

Sagi | 02-28-08, 3:01 AM
Yeah, you're right =P I'm adding Nayuki

Kisuru | 02-12-08, 2:13 PM
Shouldn't Nayuki be on the character relations since she can't resist poor little Piro's cuteness? <3

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Sagi (Creator)

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