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Tired of helpless emotional schoolgirls and moe lolis in your anime? Then this club is for you.

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Badass Women Suggestions
1 replies by shojoaddict17 »»
06-01-12, 10:24 PM

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RONin63 | 06-28-11, 3:07 AM
Happy to be a member, check my club while you are at it, same theme, love strong women leads.

STARlock | 06-11-11, 7:59 PM
Hey wow, there are members. I kind of left the club for dead, especially after the rude guy down there posted the other club.

But, anyway. Whereas that club is for any anime girl who isn't a helpless princess, this one was more intended for the cream of the crop. The ridiculously badass chicks.

rm-taylen | 04-18-11, 3:10 PM
Well I see someone is kind of an asshole. Why don't you shut your mouth? You’ve started to sound like and ignorant child.

slowpok | 11-23-10, 6:13 AM
Search, idiot, do you use it??

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