MAL Dating

Like anime but have problems finding someone to share that passion with? This is the place for you!

While anyone is able to join, please do not lie about your age. Some of us here are over 18 and rather not want to be considered pedophiles!

Anyways...join up and leave a message and hopefully we can make some magic here =D

Recruiting someone who can make a nice detail thing for the club. If I like it you will become a full fledged admin (pm me plox, Gentaro_Kisaragi)

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Club cleaning
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GF/BF request thread (also introductions!!)
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04-02-15, 9:44 PM
The date chat ( 1 2 )
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Poll: Hanabi Café
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Club Comments
potatotron | 05-21-15, 3:38 PM
time to get baby making
if u know what i mean ;))))))

KingOfDespair | 05-21-15, 3:23 PM
Nah, half vampire

Our kid would probably look like this

They'd also be a prince/princess

potatotron | 05-21-15, 3:19 PM
my bad


KingOfDespair | 05-21-15, 2:47 PM
Who said I'm human?

CaptainBecBec | 05-17-15, 7:01 PM
Hey there everyone I'm new to the club. I'm a 17yr old female.

potatotron | 05-16-15, 4:44 PM
we will make half human, half potato masterrace children ;)))))))))))))))))

KingOfDespair | 05-16-15, 1:31 PM
Okay, my first time is going to be with a potato. I'll be sure to tell my grandkids about this one day.

potatotron | 05-16-15, 3:31 AM
u look cute let's bang X-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd!!

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