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Yesterday, 4:03 PM

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Laniaka | 37 seconds ago
@shina: I've been planning to read Erin rather than watch it and from what you say that seems like a good choice.

shina_luna | 5 hours ago
There was actually a reason, why it was choosen to be in that city and nowhere else in the world. It was simply, they made it so, because that place was under the supervision of the Toosakas, who are supervising the region. Which, if I remember correctly, was a great honor to them and one or rather the major reason to win the war, for them it's a matter of prestige and identity as mages. (Same reasoning for Ilya's family, who were providing the vessels for the grail.)(Along with other things such as not working with technical scientific devices, which a certain rookie mage breaks with in FZ.) Tokiomi was especially conventional in that traditions and the most of his character comes his convition to follow them, despite actually being not very talented as a mage at all. (There was also some reference to Akasha Records origin thing from Kara no Kyoukai being the basic reason why the grail was created in the first place.) And all that was also the background reason for some seemingly twisted daughter love a certain Matou guy couldn't get. (Not sure anymore, if the anime every showed that, at least not the twisted daughter love part. I got that from the FZ LN. Don't know if the VN ever explains it, as I never read it.)
As for the school, it's basically the teenager offspring from the magic families and some folks vom FZ. The teenagers just happen to be teenager, so need school attendance (well, save Ilya somehow) and the other guy stay close because they are basically prying of said teenagers. FZ also explains, that those with magic compability are choosen, so that it's basically a given, that the big magic families would get a seal. The rest was puffer and randomly choosen from the region to make the thing a bit more interesting.

Now that sounds grand. XD
Still on the verge of a drop?

Oh and, as for Erin: Erin is by no means a real children's story. It's based off an adult's non-light novel novel (just like Shnsekai Yori), and that clearly shows, the series has good plotting and it does have some cruel parts and there is also a good deal of politics and war. The anime creators however, for reasons unknown to me decided to tone it down to be a children's anime. They mostly still stayed true to the basics and have cleverly hideden some of the cruel stuff into this surreal sort of presentation. And rather uncleverly created these two atrociously unfitting team rocket-ish sidekicks.
That decision was probably also one reason, why they never adapted the second part after the timeskip. Heard it gets pretty bloody. (Which reminds me, the books are sitting in my shelves for years already too. Damn you Kanjis.) Well, aside from the fact, that it probably didn't sell well, either.

Cashdax | 10 hours ago
@Laniaka: That's what settled means in the internet

Laniaka | 12 hours ago
I don't think anything got settled. People just got tired of endlessly arguing about it is all.

Cashdax | 12 hours ago
Didn't we already settled years ago that the safest/best watching sequence of the Fate series is by their airing dates? And that UBW (movie) is optional?

Seems like everything is going back to circle again.

doom19876 | Yesterday, 5:05 PM
Fate/ spoilers inside.


Episode 9 and 10 were OK, my faith in humanity has been restored. I don't think it'll ever interest me like Erin did (also kiddie anime), but atleast these episodes were better than most before. Sugar and co are as annoying as ever though. I'm not even them to sit still, I'm just asking them not to touch/move stuff, they can fly around all they want.

sorry expended all my on blob

blob | Yesterday, 3:19 PM

Also, that quote is nothing is not something that turned me off, aside maybe from how it was presented (as wise words to motivate people to try their hardest).

shina_luna | Yesterday, 2:22 PM
So, finally home with YT access.
He says "hito wa kurosarerebara shinu, sore ga atarimae nanda"
It's a "when killed, people will die, that is a a given (that is natural/reasonable or obvious)". The second half has some double emphasize due to the ga and the nanda. So he is putting some "really that should actually be obvious" emphasis himself already.
Actually natural would have been even a closer translation for 当たり前 (atarimae) , as it comes from 当然 (touzen), which is usually translated as "of course" and literally means "the state as the thing is", ie. the natural state. But the obvious of course puts in the grammatical emphasize part of the second part into one word, so it is pretty adequate, looking at it as a whole.

He may be talking about his healing wounds very fast, and the dead should remain dead and he is also not the only one, as Anime spanned more than one immortal or close to immortal, but really, his character and that face, when he says the phrase and the way he says it just cries for a joke. Had he said "hito wa kurosarerebara shinu, sore ga atarimae hazu nanda" ("when killed, people will die, that should be a given/natural/reasonable" with a thoughful melancholic expression, it probably wouldn't ever turned to be a meme.

Conviction is a fine think. But there are ways to go about it and a good deal manage better. I mean, even Naruto went to have some character development and get less serious pretty quickly.


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