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Yesterday, 3:34 PM

Club Comments
blob | 2 minutes ago
Start with the best, Fate/Zero. Then, if you want more, you can go for Fate/SN or even wait for the next Fate/SN that's coming out, a much better remake apparently.

TheJerm43 | 5 minutes ago
Fate/Zero is good, but it is on hold for me because for whatever reason I cant watch more than a few episodes at a time and dont have the drive to finish it.. Not sure why, but I get the same feel as I did when watching Durarara, was good but I cant finished it for some reason

Kagamin25 | 23 minutes ago
if i was to watch the Fate series where would i start? >.<

Koutou | 31 minutes ago
Fate/Kalied recent ep was meh.

ftFate | 5 hours ago
@Fellener It will kill off a lot of excitement if a know how everything will end. Granted, I might give it a spin sometime, but considering how many shows out there that I'm interested in I'll just skip out on it for now.

Fellener | 5 hours ago
@Fate Well, you kinda know the end, but the thing the matter its how they got there, trip you have from the beggining to that point its something really unexpected. I highly recommed you give it a try sometime.

ftFate | 5 hours ago
Night, Yuuki. I'm watching Kaleid too, like it so far.

Yuuki_snow | 5 hours ago
I think Fate/Zero does work on its own, since I never actually did watch the Fate/Stay Night anime. I watched /Zero and am watching Kaleid, but I didn't watch Stay Night because I honestly didn't like it. (And in case you're wondering how I'd know whether I'd like it or not, while I didn't watch the anime I'm more than just familiar with the VN).

And with that, I'll probably head off to bed and vanish for a few days. An exam coming up pretty soon. <.<
It was a nice opportunity to discuss a bit, though~

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