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doom19876 | 11 seconds ago
I think a tolerable adaptation isn't guaranteed with just (a decent) episode count and money. Even an omnibus format will still have issues. I don't know how you experienced the VN but I found it terribly incoherent.
Little Busters! was butchered due to the lack of episodes, what makes you think rewrite will have enough with 39?
With Rewrite it's even worse. Where in Little Busters! they had a proper common route and epilogue, that's far less the case in Rewrite. In fact the only time to shine for many will be pre Terra. So giving them about 4-5 episodes each will still probably end up with butchered routes.

As for Amanchu, I doubt it can equal Aria. Aria was set on a fantasy unreachable utopian paradise. Atleast that was the setting for me. Amanchu takes place in a setting you could probably find somewhere where things will probably not be as perfect as in Aria. I think the unobtainable part makes Aria special.

shina_luna | 3 hours ago
Unless they don't screw up the adaption, Amanchu is going to be a treat to Aria fans who are dying for more of the same style. There isn't much quite like Aria out there anyway and Amanchu is as closest the thing to Aria you'll probably get in Anime.
Escpeially since Amanchu really just uses the same formular as Aria, in a bit of a diffrent setting. A good lot of chapters could really have fit into Aria without any problems. In fact, the only real new thing is that nobody has their really clear goal to reach, so the whole series is bit more vague and there's Futaba, who is overly shy, lacking in self confidence and easily depressed. Actually I like Aria better, right because anybody was of cheerful or at least somewhat self confident disposition anyway, so the constant positive atmophere never felt off. In Amanchu a lot of the times it's "getting Futaba to enjoy life already" over and over again. Feels quite like a lecture sometimes, and by now also a bit repetitive.

seelteam6 | Yesterday, 3:53 PM
God, I really need to update my list

HaXXspetten | Yesterday, 1:01 PM
They've basically confirmed that they're doing an omnibus adaptation of Rewrite in interviews by now, and there was also a tweet (albeit unofficially) from one of the staff members saying it was "going to be at least as long as Little Busters' anime", which on top of them being funded by Aniplex logically ought to be enough to provide at least a tolerable adaptation. Kajitsu being horribly butchered was, in the end, not directly 8-bit's fault, but rather that they didn't get any proper budget to work with and thus had to cram it into 13 episodes (an impossible feat). But it doesn't look like that'll happen this time around

Still all that being said, Rewrite is very difficult to make an anime out of no matter what so even a good adaptation would have some restrictions. But I'm still much more optimistic about it now than I was at the time the anime was announced last year

doom19876 | Yesterday, 12:45 PM
I don't think Rewrite will turn into a proper anime. Little Busters! was easier to adapt because it had a coherent story. Rewrite doesn't have that. Little Buster! routes can sort of have soft endings. Rewrite has hard irreversible ones.
Little Busters! has relevant other routes. Rewrite only has necessary background in the previous routes. This basically means a lot of work needed to be done to fit it into an anime.

Grisaia no Kajitsu was done horribly I don't expect Rewrite will be any better.

I will watch Amanchu, but I don't agree that if you've watched Aria you also have to watch Amanchu. The subject isn't the same and well I haven't read it but it's a different product and likely will not be aiming at the same things.

Motion_Menace | Yesterday, 9:29 AM
I don't care that much about them myself, but I was thinking we should have some sort of activities to celebrate the mark.

@Eleren: Sure. I can make some for you.

As for summer season, I'm also excited about Amanchu. I haven't caught up with the latest manga chapters, though.

For those who don't now yet, Amano Kozue is also the author of Aria. They're also directed by the same person. So if you liked Aria, you have to watch it.

So far, I will definitely watch Amanchu, Aslan Senki, Fate/Kaleid, Orange and 91 Days

I'm not sure if I want to watch Berserk. I will probably skip what was adapted by the old series anyhow unless it turns out to be suuper good. There are a few other revenge themed seinen that I prefer to it.

Rewrite is one I am still considering. 8bit is mediocre at best and the director previously made the mess that is Grisaia no Kajitsu. Still, the VN seems very popular. I heard about it a good deal, even though I'm not much of a VN reader myself.

Konik | Yesterday, 8:59 AM
Personally I don't see a reason to make member cards, since nobody really gives a damn about them.

Erelen | Yesterday, 8:23 AM
@Motion_Menace when you will be creating members cards don't forget about few with AKB48. ;)

@Summer season: few shows looks interesting, but none of them gives tje "awesome" vibe. Maybe expect of Amanchu!

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