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zyn | 26 minutes ago

Rizzles | 2 hours ago
@cagle I have seen funnier, to me it's an entertaining series because it has some good characters and some of the action scenes are really good, but it is still a comedy at heart, it takes a while for the actual story arcs to kick in, what I usually say to people is to watch the first movie, the benizakura arc redo and if you like that then it might be worth you sticking out the first 60 episodes which is what most people drop it before. After that there are some more entertaining arcs, up until then it's just random skits here and there and not a lot of action.

ftFate | 3 hours ago
@Konik Yeah I think it's an alternate route too. I really hope so.

@Cagle5521 Comedy is subjective, so you just have to try itself :) It's one of the funnier out there, but not the funniest in my opinion. I've heard it will get even better later on though.

Cagle5521 | 4 hours ago
I was thinking about getting into Gintama but idk next anything about it other then alot of ppl think its the funnest thing ever. Is it really that great?

Konik | 5 hours ago
@ReynTime, Like I said before, if You watch Fate/Zero before Fate/Stay Night, You'll get a lot of spoilers. Yes, it is better, but if someone plans to watch both, for the enjoyability sake, F/SN should be watched before F/Z.

Also if I'm correct, that's not a remake of the original Fate/Stay Night, but an alternative route from the Visual Novel.

@CyWolf, according to MAL rules, we can't give direct links, and furthermore, I don't think those are even translated.

CyWolf | 7 hours ago
Links to light novels for each of these please Thanks!



ReynTime | 8 hours ago
@zyn, I recommend Fate/Zero even without watching Fate/Stay Night. Actually, go ahead and watch it before the remake of Stay/Night comes out this fall. It's a very good action anime.

Jonno0105 | 10 hours ago
Well I haven't watched much anime but I really enjoyed it. I think it stand on its own very well even with out watching Fate Stay Night before hand. I enjoyed Fate /Zero a lot more then Fate Stay Night for a few reasons but anyway. I liked it for whatever that's worth. :P

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