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[GAME] Anime Chain ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
2,361 replies by IntervisioN »»
24 seconds ago
Hey peeps :)
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1 hour ago
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7 hours ago
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9 hours ago
Sticky: Introductions ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
922 replies by YamamotoSensei »»
12 hours ago

Club Comments
SerasAshley | 14 minutes ago
I have never watched K-on but it is pretty popular. But to answer your question you asked awhile back in comments CrazyClown, I started Sabagebu after a friend recommended it to me, because I said i needed a good laugh. It's fun so far.

ftFate | 18 minutes ago
@Linkon18 Finish everything you've given 8+ and have 5 or less episodes left of.

@CrazyClown You should :) It's not something that everyone enjoy, but give it a shot, you might end up liking it, and if you don't it should be pretty clear early on so you can just drop it.

CrazyClown | 55 minutes ago
@ftFate, oh cool, i might check it out haha.

YandereTheEmo | 2 hours ago

I was speaking in general. My original "Logistics" comment was a parody of some of the stuff I've seen come up in "Big 3" discussions from hardcore fans. So in no way, shape, or form was I referring to you as a hardcore fan.

{Naruto vs One Piece]

Konik | 2 hours ago
Yes, it's Nano, and it's like I wrote the second ending for M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane. But the anime isn't worth watching. It's like Mahou Sensou, the best thing about this anime is the ending with Nano song in it. :P

blob | 2 hours ago
Cool new song posted up. That's nano for sure. (...right?!?!)

Is it related to a series?

EDIT : Oh... crap.
EDIT2 : Oh.. shit XD you guys sure wrote a lot since my wall comment. I feel concerned twice now.

This is how you do it. :P

blob | 2 hours ago
You broke so many of my soon-to-have-become quadra posts by posting that comment right after my third post. And no, I won't take it. I'll post a wall of text out of anger... RAWR.

I hope I wasn't being referred as to being a Naruto hardcore fan, that would be a very ignorant thing to say considering you never saw me rant (oh so many times) about Naruto in this very comment section.
[Naruto vs One Piece]

TheJerm43 | 2 hours ago

The extent of my laziness knows no bounds :P

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