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Poll: Which is your fav Kawada Mami's song? ( 1 2 )
37 replies by Yangire-chan »»
10-14-12, 7:36 AM
Poll: Vote for your fave mami's album !
2 replies by ManteR »»
05-07-10, 2:12 PM

Club Comments
DarthNicolas | 05-30-12, 3:25 PM
heya, welcome :)

ALAOY | 05-30-12, 3:39 AM
hi All ^_^
nice to see u all :)

ManteR | 01-23-11, 3:37 AM
^^ sure.. I would recommend i've compilation 7 "extract", i think it's the best one. There are 2 disks. You find the 3 I quoted (melty snow, for our days, and extract) plus "undying love" by Kotoko that I really love. But the song "extract" is just the best :p

yeah and I liked vol6 too because of immoral and above all "philosophy" by MOMO. I also liked Kotoko's "We survive" and Shiho's "Kiss the future".

I really have to hear the other 5 volumes I think, you know them ^^ ?
I listened to "Kanashimi no hana" by Mell, it's a really lovely song.. it's from Lament, 4th i've girls compilation

DarthNicolas | 01-10-11, 1:19 AM
I recall liking Immoral and Eclipse,from i've girls vol.6,plus it had some nice songs from KOTOKO.Would you recommend another volume?

ManteR | 01-08-11, 2:36 PM
I'm listenning non stop to some of her songs for VN, you found on "i've compilation girl". Actually I'm really fond of melty snow, for our days and extract.
I thought I knew all of her songs with her 3 solo albums but if you're like me we're far from her whole collection :D

ManteR | 11-14-10, 1:03 PM
I totally agree, I loose bunch of hours to find op/ed, just to put an embedded video here and always have to look for another, I got a warning for youtube but don't want to loose my accound now (as I put a lot of me piano playing ^^)

The thing I want to do is create multiple account and continuously add video of the same op/ed just to annoy them lol (but don't have only that to do)

DarthNicolas | 11-14-10, 12:50 PM
Youtube is getting too old...I've grown bored watching every video I like getting copyrighted/muted/etc...

If you want the OP,you could find it on a torrent or something.I play osu! too,where I can play and watch/listen the song,so I'd recommend that as well.

Leon-Gun | 11-14-10, 11:31 AM
That it is, as usual. Also, youtube has been an ass in terms of all the so-called "copyright content" lately. I've seen literally hundreds of accounts and lots more of videos get taken down in the last month. It's actually far more idiotic that they take down stupid things like Rock Band gameplay videos or Anime OP/ED's(WTF! Never heard the term free advertisement !?). It's mind boggling at times.

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