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People, invite your friends to the club :D
Also, Aly made some awesome invetation banners, check them out and use them if you'd like :D

12 March:: We have member cards made by Aly-sama :D Go here to request one go here
4 March: We have three new topics! -for writing addicts, for anime addicts and for manga addicts ^^
2 March: We have two new topics - for music addicts and drawing addicts :3
28 Feb:We have now invetation banners :D isn't it awesome? We have a new topic! needs advices on how to resist MAL? Go here
27 Feb: We have a new layout made by Aly! isn't she great? x3
26 Feb: The club has been opened! Isn't great?
We have a two new Admins - Shinna and aLni07 be nice to them:D
We have five new (and first) topics!

If you want to see another aswesome club, go here:

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Club Discussion
Member Cards :3 [Aly says: OPEN] ( 1 2 3 4 )
167 replies by unholy_cat »»
10-09-13, 2:41 PM
Manga matches nominees!!
26 replies by Miyuki- »»
06-16-12, 10:53 PM
What addiction do YOU have?!
47 replies by Razzledazzy »»
04-23-11, 12:21 AM
Introduce yourselves~ ( 1 2 )
94 replies by Kumorin »»
12-24-10, 7:09 AM
Anime matches nominees!! - Closed
47 replies by haruka_nazu »»
07-01-10, 11:44 PM

Club Comments
Magicalduckwitch | 07-30-12, 3:49 PM
Lol. When I first saw this the first thing I thought to comment was: Hi! My name is MDW and I have a problem...

shepperoni | 05-12-12, 9:56 PM

RulenneClarissa | 04-27-11, 2:35 AM
hello everyone :))

FishyMatter | 11-16-10, 12:00 AM
it's all gonna finish soon, YUSH. :3 Now I can devote my entire life to finishing club graphics so that I can gather members >:D XDD

Yamazaki3 | 09-05-10, 9:45 AM
oooh your school already started mine still will start on 21/9/2010

i still have time to sleep watch anime and do whatever i want XD

good luck with your exams ^^

oooh your holiday gonna start after two weeks O_O

my holiday gonna finish XD

VioletYuki | 09-05-10, 7:47 AM
lol. school starts and ends all differently.
mine's exam XD 2 weeks. but only 3 days have paper. so the rest of the time.
study.. which i don't exactly really study. lol
after that then . .yea holiday *w*

Yamazaki3 | 08-30-10, 12:22 PM
hi all ^^

i'm new here ^^

last comments all about studying what happend your school started already ?!!!

haruka_nazu | 07-01-10, 11:30 PM
I don't know xD
But I'M finally back, so I'll try making it active again :D

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This is a public club. Anyone can join and invite others to join.

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