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Hasn't it been absolutely heart-breaking that people/characters/manga/anime and such are the only ones who get a frickin' fan club?

It isn't? No?! Well, you are cold then. HEARTLESS ASS! There are endless numbers of inanimate objects who are just as good as them and yet, no freaking recognition! So, celebrate for the inanimate! Yeah!

Celebrity Inanimate Objects
-Hammer-chama (The amazing hammer given to Mi-chama by Ange-chama.)
-Defele-chama (Mi-chama's deflated elephant that Kari-chama would like to glomp.)
-Piano-chama (The piano that many people *cough* Mi-chama and Kari-chama *cough* hide under.)
-'Puter-chama (The computer you're most likely reading this on. Gosh, you lack a heart if you don't think 'Puter-chama is important.)
-Taku-chama (That feeling in your brain that you wanna do something anime/manga related. It comes from "Otaku".)
-Corner-chama (The corner of woe that Tamaki of Ouran uses along with many. Come on, it's legendary.)
-Usa-chama (Rose-chama's stuffed rabbit that she glomps every night.)
-Chicken-chama (Ange-chama's new idiot weapon after she gave Hammer-chama to Mi-chama.)
-Penguin-chama (Ki-chama's stuffed Penguin that she refuses to share with anyone.)
-Binder-chama (Kari-chama's sacred binder that she drags around everywhere for it holds her precious drawings and often a manga or two.)
-Milk-chama (Milk-chama helps us grow and keep from our otaku collections eating us whole.)
-Pocky-chama (The wonderful, yummiest food in the whole entire world!)
-'Me-'Me-chama (Anime. The very foundation of life, duh.)
- Pyoko-chama (A drawing of a bird. Pyoko-chama is commonly drawn in white boards and is used with a Expo2 pen. The one who mostly draws him/her/it is Yume.)
-Zetsu-chama (Grim_angel_pj's character's scythe. It can be occasionally stolen and everyone goes to panic when that happens.)

Have one to submit? Tell an admin. =3

*sob* Why the hell must people be cruel to the inanimate?

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Honorary Inanimate Objects
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07-25-09, 3:22 AM

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Club Comments
Tiamat | 05-11-08, 3:26 PM
Le bumpness of all bumps.

i added a new picture. =O

PandaChan1010 | 04-23-08, 11:40 AM
Dude, what about Koi-chama?

(picture of a fish. It's the same fish that Panda-chan's been drawing for about six months now...)

Tiamat | 03-22-08, 2:23 PM
If Pyoko-chama is up, I demand Walter-chama or Floyd-chama be added. XD

(< *Tuttle and Long-Neck Tia usually draws on her teacher's giant white board in Algebra (and gets yelled at everytime she does)*)

Grim_angel_pj | 03-22-08, 11:56 AM
My scythe is up there???? I don't know what to say

Tiamat | 03-21-08, 7:55 PM


Maora | 01-24-08, 9:37 PM

hellishsymphony | 01-21-08, 7:57 AM
=O That's so sad! *wants to cry*

Zoki-chan | 01-21-08, 6:37 AM
Why must my doggy be so cruel to the poor inanimate stuffed toys I own. She has torn up Anubi-chama and torn the face of my white puppy T_T

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