* ~ Satou Sei (Rosa Gigantea) Fanclub ~ *

I can't believe this is actually the FIRST fanclub for one of the coolest, wisest and hottest anime characters ever created:


Name: Satō Sei (佐藤 聖)

Alias: (Former) Rosa Gigantea

Birthday: December 25th

Age: 17 (Season 1), 18 (Season 2-4)

Petite Soeur: Tōdō Shimako (藤堂 志摩子)

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Club Discussion
Sticky: Member cards!
37 replies by s0ulreaper1 »»
06-30-11, 2:13 PM
Poll: Shimako / Shizuka / Shiori/Yumi/Youko + Sei (wow, that's a lot of S's and Y's)
11 replies by zenshiki »»
08-14-10, 10:36 PM

Club Comments
Rosangelica | 07-13-12, 3:39 PM
MariMite fans, I discovered a Maria-sama ga Miteru Wiki. It's just sitting there abandoned. Lets give it love and bring it to life so that MariMite fans everywhere can come together. Make a contribution and let your voices be heard!

Kasinika | 02-01-11, 12:46 PM
Hi everyone ^_^

Sei-sama | 12-26-10, 6:17 AM
Merry Xmas! \^-^/

everminded | 12-25-10, 3:25 AM
My sincerest apologies for my absence these past few months. As neither Cel nor Mizu have logged in since the middle of this year, I am technically responsible for the clubs upkeep until they return.

I feel as though Sei's own birthday is a good time to begin generating some more activity in the club. ^^;

Merry Christmas everyone.

Lajto-kun | 09-24-10, 8:16 AM
Sei is so damn cool. <3

melieon | 05-27-10, 11:09 AM
I want to see her :O!

everminded | 04-26-10, 4:26 PM
Wait, I take that back. She's perfect but the promo pic is horrible.

everminded | 04-26-10, 4:22 PM

I just saw the girl they cast as Sei. Am not happy. >:(

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