This club has been created to "tag"/catalogue bara in the manga database, since as of right now, there is no genre tag for bara. (And if there ever is one, this club will serve to list bara and make it easy for mods to add the genre tag.)

Non-members are allowed to post, so if you know of some but don't want to join the club, please do post :D

There seems to be confusion about what bara is, in the west. Bara is not yaoi. Also known as "gei comi" or "men's love," bara comics are by men, for men. There is a yaoi equivalent to this, and it is called "gachi muchi"-- it is written by women, for women. Please do not confuse the two.

Takeshi Matsu blog
How to Find Bara in English (by Alex over @ Yaoi911)
Bara Translations
Baralover Revived

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Sticky: Your First Bara
13 replies by Werewolfhero »»
Yesterday, 5:32 PM
BL Games
7 replies by Mladen »»
Yesterday, 8:44 AM
Poll: Straight, Bi or Homosexual ?! ( 1 2 )
35 replies by Thebigofan »»
01-15-14, 8:40 PM
Bara entries in Database
11 replies by Cetais »»
07-30-13, 12:04 PM

Club Comments
Mladen | 5 hours ago
You're right. Almost all clubs that I'm in, are dead. Though I almost never even visit them anyway... that's why I stopped accepting club invitations anymore :P
Maybe they're just not that convenient for people to use.

Werewolfhero | Yesterday, 5:25 PM
Heyas and I think about all the clubs here seem to be dead or on bare minimum life support. D:

Mladen | Yesterday, 11:51 AM
Pretty much all clubs that I use, are dead. I am used to the atmosphere :P

Or maybe most Bara stuff had already been shared at this point so people ran out of things to talk about xD
There's that new DJ by Mentaiko though. Loved it!

Rojo | Yesterday, 11:31 AM
I'm good too thanks. ^_^

Yeah this club is pretty much dead these days... It used to be a lot more active a while back...~ Hopefully we can get back to that at some point. ^_^

Mladen | Yesterday, 7:43 AM
Hello. I am great. How are you? :D

Seems like it's not very active here. I rarely check clubs xD

Rojo | 09-15-14, 4:41 PM
How is everyone??

Yuki_chan3 | 03-30-14, 2:33 PM
Oh God! caffen101! This is sooo beautiful <3

Rojo | 03-24-14, 7:20 PM
Thank you!!

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