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Sticky: Your First Bara
Alipio - Oct 25, 2011
17 replies by HotaruKara »»
Dec 20, 2015 8:00 AM
bara anime
4 replies by Blaze_ »»
Dec 1, 2015 10:32 PM
Poll: Straight, Bi or Homosexual ?!
-Sora- - Oct 17, 2010
39 replies by Ranoom »»
Sep 12, 2015 7:56 PM
BL Games
SawamuraShoma - Jan 2, 2012
7 replies by Mladen »»
Sep 16, 2014 8:44 AM
Bara entries in Database
ScrumYummy - Nov 29, 2009
11 replies by Cetais »»
Jul 30, 2013 12:04 PM

Club Comments
Mladen | Feb 2, 6:18 AM
Is something wrong with the layout? Your sentences are all cut off. Thankfully, I see them whole when I press "See All" :D

DarkFatalKnight | Jan 28, 1:44 AM
True that.

Mladen | Jan 21, 4:19 AM
We created more space at least :D

DarkFatalKnight | Jan 17, 4:09 AM
I give I'll do the same too.

Mladen | Jan 11, 8:08 AM
Maybe I'll put the reply in the spoiler tag, because it really is massive xD

@Everyone else: All you should know is that you should take a look at Dimension W, just for the MC xD

ainthemix | Jan 11, 12:08 AM
... Now I am urged to read through the conversation. :o


DarkFatalKnight | Jan 10, 9:43 PM
That's what I noticed too when I watched the second season, Amon had always had to back her up one way or the other. I haven't seen any of the OVAs but I don't know if I'm gonna bother with them. Yeah it does take a while to get uncensored anime, I did hear about Valkyrie Drive and that it has lesbos. Yeah Pokemon is a prime example of excessive censorship. I mean, even as a kid I was confused when they called the riceballs "donuts" because I have never seen a donut look like that before. Probably in another 100 episodes xD. Yeah I do and I was a little surprised to see a figurine of him but of course, I picked it up. This is what it looks like if you're curious.

And that's why the games are superior :P, I mean they did try but again, too fast paced and that's a bad thing if they want me to care for the characters that get killed off. Wow, how shocking given how we usually have the same favorites but Celestia was another one that I liked too. It isn't that exciting but it is a little more quicker to go through, well sometimes. There was a rumor that the first Danganronpa game could come to the PC via Steam but nothing is for sure. It would be really neat though! There are some good titles on the PS Vita aside from Danganronpa like Persona 4 Golden, unless you're not into that.

Thanks :P, I did embellish the main page recently and I did add plenty of information on Genji's page including all the sex scenes. I'm doing all of his info first then I'll get to everyone else, and I just hope the Wikia police doesn't take down any of the content because I did my best to censor what I can. I don't blame you for giving up, when I first started I didn't know where to start until I actually played around with the codes more often. I try to update it daily along with another Wikia that I'm in admin in. Yeah that's true, I don't mind CG sometimes if it is done right and speaking of CG, Berserk is getting a new season that has it... I mean I was a little disappointed. I didn't know Death Note had a live action drama though, well the more you know.

I'm not gonna lie, there were a few times in my life when I was being critiqued on and I ended up taking it a little too personal so I just stepped outside for a while to calm myself. Which was another reason why I decided to stop pursuing art in terms of education and would rather learn on my own. I didn't felt like I was learning much anyway, all I really learned is learning how to draw perspective and work with different materials. That's true xD, I mean you'll just be ticklish as oppose to being aroused. Well at least almost everything, haha. True, though I would have gotten him if it was better in terms of quality. Although I do own a poster of him along with his blades, pretty nifty. Ah, I seen those before! xD There was also cheap coin banks that have the main characters, they look so silly! I never had any major problems with shipping companies, but it's understandable if you don't trust them. I hear a few stories from people I know that didn't have the best experiences with them before, I guess I'm just lucky.

That's where I encountered them too. I have a few friends that play a lot of Dota 2 and competitive Counter Strike that tell me their horrible experiences too, most of them are just mad people who would threaten you by killing them so much but dude, that's the point lol. Yeah I can relate since I had plenty of bad experiences with those soldiers, I could only deflect their rockets for about 3 to 4 times after I lose all my ammunition. Oh man, I always encounter them when I play in the Degroot Keep server where everyone only uses melee weapons. That's true, I only have that one and the one that comes with from Pyroland which is pretty much the same as a regular flamethrower except there's rainbows, ha.

I'm glad about that! xD I don't know if that would be the same for me since I don't really draw much romantic pictures myself. Drawing can get frustrating though, even me when I attempt to draw digitally and I want to get those pretty strokes but it ends up coming out the exact opposite. Yeah unfortunately :/, I actually return to college tomorrow but luckily I only have one class and that's a first for me since I usually have 3 or 4 classes each semester and I'm almost done with my requirements. Although, I might have a chance to get into Philosophy instead of Chinese since I was put higher on the wait list so if I get in, that would be great even though it's a morning class :P. I do see Ino in that way too which is probably why I don't mind her as much. I personally would have liked her more if she wasn't as shy but we all have our preferences. Apparently she did in the original Naruto anime, somewhere in episode 100....something... damn I forgot, ha. Oh yeah, I thought the Mecha Naruto was seriously unnecessary, and yeah it would not come as a surprise if that happens, haha.

I kinda makes me regret buying it to an extent but at least they tried, although I probably won't give them another chance if they make another game unless they make some major changes. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought that too, I mean geez... but yeah, it is rare to find one good English VA. That makes me glad too, it works without any voice acting, all it needed was good scripts which it did have :D. By the way, I heard they added two new dates about a month ago but I haven't gotten to them yet. On second thought, maybe I should try out the VNs you suggested instead, haha! I agree, usually comedy anime of today aren't as funny as they think they are and I think they try a little too hard. Ah man, I'm the same way with movies too in general, it's just not I'm not as interested in movies like the average person. It's a 50/50 for me when I try to watch them.

I finished it yesterday and I thought it was alright, I love the opening too along with the ending. I might want to start watching some of the old classic Black Jack anime myself, I like his character. Thanks! And I also started watching Dimension W, it has a decent start so far.

@Everyone else: What we're talking about in a nutshell is...






Bara. :D And how it's the best thing ever of course.

ainthemix | Jan 9, 12:31 PM
I believe I read the PhysED thing first as well. Yeah, I like his designs. His aesthetic is very much aligned with my preferences. :)

Also, you can see improvement between his newest work (that Wolves' Island thing), and old ones, which also makes me quite happy.

Overall, good mangaka.

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