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The Randomizer club was and always shall remain as a club that first started out as a bad idea but then ended up being the best online decision I've ever made. In three weeks the Randomizer club racked up 400 members--all of which were active and cool.

The Randomizer club was a place where folk could be as random as possible while maintaining whatever bit of sanity they had. The Randomizer club was founded seven days after my arrival on mal; it helped me a great deal in adjusting with the anime, anime fanatics, manga and manga fanatics I knew nothing about back then.

This club helped a few people who were suffering from personal issues and this club became a kind of sanctuary to them, providing all the laughs and comic relief they needed. I'm glad that such a club existed for so long.

What caused the sudden death of this club?

The server crash of 2009 had many of the members to grow tired of thus causing, my clubs death and the loss of a few friends who I've lost contact with. The club was nice, my mistake was deleting those epic threads that remained here.

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Sticky: The Survivors Guide
0 replies by Zantaboan »»
03-25-12, 10:54 PM
Sticky: The Rules and You~ (Must Read Me!)
0 replies by Unrated_Toxicity »»
11-20-11, 9:16 PM

Club Comments
Unrated_Toxicity | 08-13-13, 5:21 PM
Rest in peace, Randomizer club.

ASimpleHollow | 08-26-12, 10:23 PM
I dont have that >> but I would! Maybe...

Unrated_Toxicity | 08-26-12, 1:56 PM
Dead space 3! ZOMG CO-OP WITH MEEEE~

ASimpleHollow | 08-25-12, 5:05 PM

kaosblack21 | 08-24-12, 2:20 PM
Goddamn work!!!!! -_-

kaosblack21 | 08-24-12, 6:03 AM
Sorry got wrapped up in Borderlands. Post at lunchtime which is in about 4 hours.

ASimpleHollow | 08-24-12, 3:31 AM
sure you will~ ;D

kaosblack21 | 08-23-12, 6:28 AM
I'll work on posting tonight.

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