Juan Gotoh's Shota & Guro Paradise

Since there was no club for Juan Gotoh or his work and I was made admin of this club I decided to dedicate at least this much to him.

3 Cheers to the Shota and Guro master Juan Gotoh.

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What work have you enjoyed the most?
5 replies by Kazekun-Original »»
02-09-14, 5:46 PM
Guro... what do you think about it?
3 replies by karsten69 »»
06-21-10, 9:59 AM
link to Juan's website for those interested.
0 replies by karsten69 »»
05-18-10, 10:26 AM

Club Comments
Scrotal_Canopy | 01-24-13, 5:44 PM
Just finished fapping to Applicant for Death. Something about necrophilia that turns me on...

sonazki | 09-30-12, 8:45 AM
hey can someone please msg on where to find Guillotine Masturbation? please send a msg to me with a link thanks

SQuallisAwesome | 08-28-11, 12:00 PM
I'd be interested to know how MegaManly found his way here... this doesn't seem to me to be the sort of thing you find without looking for it, y'know? ;P

Anyway, just joined, so sad to see this place is dead, but eh, I guess there's not much for a club to do with these sorts of work. As a lover of guro, and in particular Gotoh's guro stories, though, I felt obligated to join.

Wraiths_Arkatekt | 08-27-11, 10:50 AM
Hello, MegaManly, while I do believe that you are entitled to your own personal opinion about this subject, and the people who enjoy it, I would kindly ask that you shut the fuck up, and get the fuck out. We do not wish to hear about what you love, hate, or believe in.

With love,
Arkatekt ^.^

P.S. We here are not, nor have we ever, to the farthest extent of my knowledge, advocated a relationship of this sort, whether it be pedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia, or S&M/snuff. As such, your presence here is unwarranted. Now, I say again, Get the fuck out.

P.P.S. Please note: As this club is essentially dead, trolling here is useless and a waste of precious trolling ability, your "skills" would be put to better use elsewhere.

P.P.P.S. Don't bother responding to this, as I will be ignoring you. Have a nice day. :P

MegaManly | 08-26-11, 11:12 PM
Jesus on a rocket ship. You are some of the absolute SICKEST fucks I have ever seen. Please, do us all a favor and NEVER reproduce. You are an affront to humanity and one of the many reasons I continue to lose faith in my own damn species. I really hope you people are proud of yourself for being so fucked in the head.

And yes, I joined this site JUST to tell you people how fucking sick you make me. Fuck, you're disgusting.

Wraiths_Arkatekt | 03-24-11, 1:23 PM
It is fine Sinshana. Just note: we will probably be the only people that actually says anything. :/

Sinshana | 03-23-11, 10:55 PM
Juan Gotoh and his work is absolutely awesome.
So very ideal for me, a lover of straight shotacon. I kinda like the incest too.
I feel guilty, having never read even one of his works.. >< Is it really alright for me to be a member of this club despite that? :'( I've read a buttload of mature manga on MF, but I've never read hentai manga and I'm too afraid to try.
TT_TT sigh..

karsten69 | 07-04-10, 5:12 PM
While I was gone in london it seems we have attracted a few more members. to them I say welcome.

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